Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bad Dreams and Parental Issues

I woke up Monday morning in the midst of a bad dream that had so much heavy breathing, I thought there must have been a huge orgy going on right outside my bedroom window. I imagined peering through the blinds and seeing tons of naked people frolicking in the lake, the waters so low, I could see everything. Yuck! I was not in the mood for naked people... especially frolicking naked people.

Surprisingly, I realized the heavy breathing was everyone in the DFW Metroplex releasing a huge sigh of relief at the cooler temperatures we awoke to that morning. I could hear choruses of  "Hallelujah!" ringing through the streets of Dallas. Now if only we could get some rain. As we celebrate our cooler weather, thousands of homes are burning to the ground, people have lost their lives, and once again, animal rescue missions abound. It's sad. I think God is punishing us. First, for sending Bush to the Presidential Podium, and now for offering up Rick Perry. I will not ask what's next. Anything is better than Michelle Bachmann. I think. Where is Romney? I read he had a job plan. Honestly, I have no idea.

Okay, I'm done with that... when I listed my categories of ignorance, I should have included "Blissfully Ignorant." That's me. I prefer not to know.

Now on to something else I have no control over. OUR children. Why oh why do they torture me so. I'm not sure what started this particular discussion in the car, but the wife asked me to list 10 things I love about the girl. I must have been on a rampage about something she did. I said "I can't list ten things I love about either one of those damn kids... that's why it's called unconditional love." I mean c'mon... I love them because, over all, they're pretty good. The boy is smart, the girl is talented when it comes to writing and photography. NOT drawing... we saw those pictures. They're both funny, they can be somewhat supportive at times. They aren't into drugs, they aren't violent, and they aren't pregnant. Thank God the boy isn't pregnant... although we could probably get rich with book deals if he were.

They're growing up, but into what, I have no idea. The boy doesn't talk to people, not even people he knows. The wife has stated that from now on the boy is going to talk to people, and that he'll know she's about to go ape sh*t on him when she throws out the phrase "Do I need to shove my hand up your a** and be your ventriloquist?" That creates an interesting picture. Another interesting picture: Me driving down the road questioning whether or not I have a child with Tourette's... all I hear is this man-voice shouting out phrases he's repeating from his sister. Really?!?! The wife says he's happy when he's doing that.

The girl seems to be on the path of being a follower and she is continually attracted to the kids who are in trouble. She lies to me about everything... and why do I put up with this? "Oh we need to keep the lines of communication open." Screw that, she needs to grow up... she's seventeen and it's time she starts acting like an adult.. a trustworthy adult. Pfffttt, what a bunch of BS.

Neither one of them will stand up for themselves unless it's me telling them they need to do something. They don't do anything around the house without having to be told umpteen times, and they avoid, yes AVOID, anything difficult.  They want, want, want want, want... They don't say "yes ma'am," or "sir" to anyone. You can't even get a "yes" out of the boy... it's "Yeah..." or "sure." SO frustrating!

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE... I do love my children, but it's now time to see results. It's time to see the fruits of my labor. Time for the return. Yep... that's right.

And now, back to my laundry!


Rob-bear said...

Oh, dear. Bush, Bush, Perry, Boy, Girl — yup, a tough life, and then some. So maybe some of that unconditional love is going to have to turn into unconditionally tough love! Yeah, right. Sigh!
As long as your writing keeps you sane, you'll be OK.
And, yes, we did have a great view of the fireworks on the weekend. A little something different.
Blessings and Bear hugs for your life with your delightful "cubs."

The Bipolar Diva said...

oh the teenage years. God, I've been in them for 23 years now and it's actually getting better, except for the one with autism....grrrr! I have one boy that hides in his room except if he's at work or school. One girl that's never home and is totally entitled, and a 13 yr old that's just an all around good kid. Unconditional love, it's what keeps us from eating our young.