Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Realm Of Ignorance

Well, lets start with me... I'm feeling quite ignorant in this new blog format, but I'll adjust. As long as I can find my favorite blogs, and where I'm supposed to post my own blogs, all is good.

I want to apologize for not responding to the posted comments on my page these past few posts. I love your comments, and I truly appreciate the people who read my posts, as boring as they may be at times. I've just been nutty busy, as I'm sure all of you totally understand. There is one blogger who wrote a post on how to know if your blog is boring. She said if she isn't writing about your blog, then it must be boring. I suppose mine is just that, but I'll accept this fact and keep on writing. I'm sure something I post will interest a few. I have all types of politically charged stuff I could write. I also have ALL kinds of stuff on the wife I could write... as she's been reminding me all morning. She tells me my posts are getting dry... that I need to post more about her. Really? I know... it's all about her.

This post is about the Realm of Ignorance that surrounds all of us. No matter where we live, no matter what our culture... there is a Realm of Ignorance, and hopefully we are on the outside looking in. No Wifey, this isn't about you, I am NOT calling you ignorant... unless of course you fit into one of these categories.

The Hick: The hick is a person who "don't mean no harm." They have very little exposure to the world around them, as they've created their own world in their backwoods community. They don't know about Sarah Palin, they don't care about the tropical storm depression moving over the great state of Florida, and they don't keep abreast of current events in Egypt. They take care of their own, and they smile at you in sympathy, thinking you're just about the strangest person to grace their world with your capri jeans with the holes, that you actually spent money on. Maybe the hick isn't so ignorant after all.

The Redneck: The redneck is one to be scared of. They have strong ideas about how people should be, based on what they call tradition. They're usually full of anger and it's directed at anyone who is different. They function better when in a group. They will prove to you why you are inferior in any way possible. If you don't speak English, if your skin is a different color, if you don't like men, OR women, they will take you out, and drag you behind a truck just to teach you a lesson. Luckily the Redneck can be spotted a mile off, because they are quite obnoxious, and they tend to have a scraggly look about them that just can't be polished, even in their Sunday clothes.

The Educated Ignorant: These are the ones we really worry about. They are educated, which gives them a certain amount of respect from those who aren't as educated. They are very good at manipulation, and they are good at twisting words, even those from the Bible, to fit their own agendas. They flood our great country with strong ideas about equality, who deserves it and who doesn't. They preach hate through words of "love." The educated ignorant could also be called hypocrites, though they would deny that... but anyone who feels they have the right to decide another's life path, is surely a hypocrite. They build themselves up so high, that they think their beliefs and choices are the only way to live, yet faced with the same decisions they closet themselves and their drinking, their drug use, their infidelities. The problem with these people is you never know who they are.

I have a low boiling point for ignorance... especially the judgmental type of ignorance that stems from those who have placed themselves on self-built pedestals, and we sure are being bombarded with it right now in the political arenas. I turn the television off. I avoid reading news articles. I stay away from situations that may cause me to have a boil over. I'm making myself ignorant I suppose. There will be more on boiling over later... me boiling over and the wife not truly understanding my need to keep myself out of situations that may cause this to happen.

I better get going for now. I've got to get to the store. We've got some friends coming over, and we're hoping to take the boat out. I hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day Sunday... be safe! Tonight, I will read and catch up with all of you, no matter how much I have to drink. ::ahem::


Rob-bear said...

About having "a low boiling point for ignorance."
The scriptures say we ought to "suffer fools gladly," meaning to put up with them.
And I do. For about 15 seconds. If you put up with them for any longer than that, you just encourage them to be ignorant. Not a good thing to do.
Hope you have a wonderful day!
And sorry about no Labor Day for you this year. It's been outsourced. To China. (See my "Chrome" blog.)

Aeria said...

I have a low boiling point for ignorance too but I hope in my bubbling over I don't fall in to one of these catagories!

By the way, your blog is NOT boring and one doesn't have to light a fire to be interesting :) Keep up the good writing!

Anita said...

I hung on to each line of this post to determine if there is any spec of hick, redneck, or educated ignorance within me. Hmmm...

I'm going to claim, "Ignorance is bliss," and say, "no, of course not." :)

Seriously, I'm sure I fall short in some category, but thankfully, I can say that my conscious is clear about what you've described. Whew!

Interesting world we live in. You're blessed with a sensitivity to have insight, and a voice to make people think.

Sunny Dee said...

Very good post! Don't have time for an in depth comment because my battery is about to die... but thanks a bunch for taking the time to write this out and share. :)

The Bipolar Diva said...

You're right, judge not lest ye be judged. And boy I have no right to judge one damn thing, after all, well you know. hang in there. we love you!