Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's mindless...

Haven’t blogged in forever. I’ve been lost to yet another Facebook app. This one is awesome because I can build my own city. I can then sit for hours and move things around. It’s all very mindless. It’s also something the whole family has been doing “together.” We all have our own little cities. Sick, I say, simply sick.

I’m trying to pull myself out of this particular nightly trance. Luckily nothing but my writing has suffered. I’m still working my part-time teaching position at the kids’ school. I’m still having a hard time when the wife leaves town. THAT is something I am determined to work my way out of. I’m going to have to figure this out… but not tonight.

Right now I am going to bed because tomorrow I’ll be meeting with some people I once worked with. They are going to help me draw out a business plan… then I’ll have my own thing and will hopefully will not be so clingy/needy/pitiful… bleh! I’m also going to a trade-day thing and then to an HRC event… it will be a long day, but good!

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