Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

No more whining!

I sat down this evening determined to write a blog. I am working on overcoming this lack of desire to write, or to be honest, to think! I’m not exactly sure what has come over me these past two months, but I need to take control of myself. My blogs have turned whiney which is a big reason why I’ve stopped writing publicly. I’ve still been writing for myself because I have to get this stuff out of my system.

Here’s the run-down on my thought process:

• I have found myself feeling resentful of the wife’s job and even her business partner.

• I sink like a rock when she leaves town or when she conducts small amounts of business before we go to bed.

• I feel like I need something for me. Something to wrap myself up in. Something I can make mine.

After the processing was complete, my ideas started flowing. I have an idea for a business I would like to start but obviously I have much research to do. The problem with the business is that I would be depending on my wife financially in order to get it started. Then something else occurred to me… my writing IS mine. It always has been. I just need to find my groove again and go after it. I wouldn’t need her financial assistance to write… to be an author. I just need my grooooove! I’m not abandoning my other business idea because I really think I can make it something great, but I am abandoning the whining because who wants to read that crap anyway? NOT me and not you guys either! So this is my promise to my followers… no more whining :) I'm setting my cruise control and turning that stuff off!

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