Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Something like that...

I've come to a realization that has me claiming resignation... or something like that.

I actually wrote a whole blog about this, but after careful reading, decided not to post it. Perhaps later.

For now I'll talk about the purchase I made while processing what I was about to realize...
I usually turn to shopping when I'm feeling sad or lonely, but I've never purchased somehting quite like this for those particular reasons. Thank goodness... I'd be arrested if I made this type of purchase everytime I was out of sorts.

I bought a puppy. Now we already have two dogs and a cat we never see, but the older dog one wants nothing to do with the baby dog who just turned 1 on April 1st. In my head I was buying Tallulah (yes, that's her name) for myself and Callie May ( baby-dog). The wife was calling her ugly at first, but has now claimed her as her very own. Here is the newest member of our crazy family, along with the other furry babies too. I'm hoping this new member will help me cope with my resignation so that I won't have to turn to meds or liquor in order to keep from going nuts or making others nuts in the process~~

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