Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January 18, 2011-Wonderful Possibilities

January 18, 2011
As I sit down to write, I’m trying to ignore this heavy feeling in my heart by offering an appeal to my “sensible” side, but I am left with the not-so- gentle reminder that change doesn’t quite suit me. I guess we could say it isn’t the strongest aspect of my personality. Especially when there’s risk involved. Maybe a change worth making involves a bit of risk though? 
I feel for the wife. I know that a LOT of this falls on her shoulders. She has a lot of “balls in the air,” as she would say. The main one being her business... does she sell her half, keep it and push on, wait to see if an outside buyer has an interest? It’s a scary thought... The “what if’s” are numerous.   
The other “ball” is our home... hence the heavy heart. I love it. I love our back yard with the water and San Antonio Riverwalk type atmosphere. It’s so peaceful, yet we’re right right in the middle of Dallas... you can’t beat it! Or, maybe you can... We want big closets, we want a media room, we want a game-room, and... the most important thing we want is WATER... now granted we have water, BUT we want lake or ocean, and we found it. Wow, did we ever find it... Walking in this home, it’s as if it is actually on the water. Amazing.... amazing home, amazing views. The only risk here is monetary. That’s a huge risk, but we are both able bodied and talented. I could always teach full-time should the need arise, and she has many options. 
So, we saw the house yesterday and today a “for sale” sign is sitting in our yard. How does this happen? The wife goes out of town, the agent comes over to talk and see the house, and now there’s a sign. I’m not going to panic over this. What an amazing opportunity we have in front of us.... a chance to take our lives by the reigns and do something new and special... it’s business and it’s personal. It’s a wonderful possibility....

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