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Just Two Chicks!


Sunday, January 9, 2011

This world...

Kids these days have the right idea... 
What is this world coming to? I say this not only in response to the actions of the Jerod Loughner’s in the world, but also to the Fred Phelps of the world (who thanked God for the Mass shooting in Arizona and who plans to picket the funerals of those slain). This is also in response to all of the terrible things that happen on a daily basis in the name of hate, prejudice, and in the name of God and religion. 
Most of us no longer feel safe sending our children to school for fear of what will come through the doors. We fear the metal detectors public schools have placed on the doors, though we know they are there to protect. Just the idea that they’re needed brings the danger home. A trip to the store, mall, movies, or restaurant could turn fatal... not because of anything you’ve done. You were just in the wrong place at the wrong time... a victim of someone’s disturbed mind and violent actions. 

So what are we to do? Are we to sit back and not bring attention to ourselves? Do we hole up in our homes? Do we trust anyone? Would you lower your car window for a stranger requesting help? I’m not sure I would even lower it for a child anymore. You just never know, right? 

A child playing outdoors, a jogger, a person walking their dog, a child’s sporting event, a short drive... nothing is sacred, nothing is safe. Life is already too short not to live it, so what is the answer? What can we do? 
Kids today may have the right idea with all of their online activity, video gaming, and texting. Perhaps we should stay in. We can conduct all of our business online. Public appearances would be a thing of the past... We could communicate with our leaders online only. Grocery shopping, the latest goods, movies, everything can be done on a computer. Physical fitness/activities can be done in the comfort of our own homes through Wii, XBox, and PS3’s. Relationships can be conducted in much the same manner with extensive background checks performed before we are to “meet” someone. When we do leave our home, our actions are tracked... why not? Only certain jobs would require us to leave our humble abode, so we have no need to be out, right?  The environment might actually improve. Sounds crazy, yes? I agree, but...
What are we to do to protect ourselves and those we love?

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Anita said...

It's a scary world, yet it's a beautiful world. I think we have to focus on the beauty: good people, nature, family, friends, etc. And if we give a little here and there, it's a distraction from the lunatics out there...maybe?
Death is inevitable. My prayer is to go peacefully at an old age; just to not wake up one day. I'm sure that's how we'd all like to go.
Why some pass on because of a disease or a bullet...I don't know.