Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Today... 1/11/11

Rise and shine, it’s 7am! I get up, get the kids up, and get my coffee. In an effort to save money (and it’s quite a bit of money when you consider how much Starbucks is), I’ve stopped going to Starbucks on a daily basis. The wife still gets her iced lattes, and I do make the trip for her on my off days, but overall, I’m saving us at least $130 a month or more! Of this, I am proud. 
At work we do the usual routine and I do my best to leave as soon as my Kindergartners do... 
The children and I then come home. I sit down and read the news. They scatter and are hopefully doing homework. Then I do my house-wifely duties. I still consider myself a house-wife since my work day ends at 11:30. I do laundry, dishes, clean out our huge Christmas stocking bags (This is always fun... the gifts in them are either hilarious, or something needed around the household.), then I head back upstairs to, well, take medicine. I am NOT happy about this at all....
Over the holidays, there were a few things that kept me offline and away from my writing. Family, shopping, cooking, AND pneumonia... sick, right before Christmas and right before the family came visiting. I’ve been feeling great for  few weeks now, and I really didn’t think I was taking advantage of it. Apparently, I was enjoying this healthy feeling a bit too much, because once again... my head is killing me, my nose is sniffly, I can’t hear anything, and my throat hurts. I’m not whining... ::ahem:: 
The good news is that I already have antibiotics. They prescribed them to me when I had pneumonia, just in case my pneumonia was an infection and not viral. (My blood counts are messed up, so it’s very hard for them to tell whether I have an infection or a virus when I’m ill.) I decided my pneumonia was viral and didn’t take the antibiotic. 
Anyway... I suppose I should get going. There is a dinner to cook, and a television show to watch. I have, once again, been unwittingly pulled into watching The Bachelor. We recorded it last night because at the time it came on, the game of THE CENTURY was also on, and there was no way I would have forgiven myself for missing my Auburn Tigers win the national title! War Eagle!!!  

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Anita said...

The Bachelor! Noooo! LOL

Actually, I've never watched it.

Hope your health is back to normal.