Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Thoughts from the casino

Yes, you read the title right and can interpret it as it is written. I am blogging in the casino. Does this give you a clue as to how my luck is?

Here are my thoughts as I sit at the slot machine and mindlessly push the button:

Hmmm... I'm not really winning, but I'm not losing either.

I imagine it would be easy to dehydrate while sitting here... I imagine the news story reading "Woman dehydrates while sitting at slot machine because she just couldn't risk losing it to another."

I notice the walls by the bar area are painted the same color as the walls in our new home.

I start thinking about our new home and feel content sitting at this same machine... I could sit here and push this button all day. (uh huh)

I start thinking about the wife... Where is she anyway. I wonder if she's winning or losing. I hope she's winning.

I then start thinking that I really miss her. She's so stressed right now... I'm ready for all if this upheaval to be over so I can have her back again.

Then I lose my money...

And so folks, here I sit... Blogging and wondering how long I'll sit before I lose all self control and withdraw more money from the bank.

Off I go now!

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