Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Morning

I love slow, lazy days... The only thing I absolutely must do today is pick up the kids this evening. Right now I'm sitting in the window, waiting for the rain. Since we've been here we've had three big storms. Storms on the lake are scary... I've never seen lightening such as this. We've had hail each time as well, along with winds that drive the rain so hard into our back windows, that we end up having an indoor waterfall. This isn't good... we'll have to replace the windows, but it is amazing to see. In the back of the house, it looks like the end of the world... in the front it looks as if there's nothing but a light rain. After telling you this, you may wonder why I'm waiting for the rain. It's a double edged sword... the lake is low... we need the rain. So, as excited as I get over a tiny slip of sunshine through the clouds... I also know we don't need the sunshine right now.... we've got ALL summer for that!

I've given myself two full weeks to get swim suit ready. It's true what they say about hitting forty... unless you're a work-out fiend, it's so freakin' hard to keep yourself toned. So, I started dieting... not really to lose weight, so much a to just feel good again. I've got the worst stomach in the world, meaning practically everything makes me sick when I eat it. I've gone gluten free, lactose free, red meat free, coffee free :( ... gluten free is hard when you're going out to eat, so that one is harder to stick by and I do notice a difference when I have gluten filled foods... unfortunately. This diet has truly made a difference as far as how I feel, and I lost weight right away. I do believe I've reached my thresh-hold weight... I can't seem to get under it. That's perfectly fine, but I still need to tone. Working out three times a week and playing tennis with the ball machine isn't really helping, so I have a new goal. I will now do my sit ups every day, adding ten each time, and I'll do my cardio at least 5 times a week... I hate cardio... bleh! I see women every day walking and running... we work so hard to maintain or get where we want to be physically... it's just not right!!! We should just enjoy life and eat what we want!!

Speaking of hitting forty... I am now quickly approaching 41... in just 3 days! I've said it before and I'll say it again... getting older is much better than the alternative!! For my birthday, I will just enjoy life and eat what I want. I'll just have to do some extreme medicating before hand!

I hope everyone has a terrific Sunday and an even better Monday!!

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Anita said...

Let's see...You wrote this on the first of May, and today is the
20th, soooo, you should be up to at least 200 situps. How ya' doin' with that? LOL

Or maybe you forgot to say what number you'd level off at.

Just kidding...a little jealous here.

On another note, I was visiting someone last summer that also lived on a lake, and you're right...what a storm! Lightening Galore!