Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Thursday, November 10, 2011

I have no...

I either have no life, or I'm so busy I can't think. Why can't there be a happy medium? These past two days have had me completely bored and restless, and I don't know why. I mean, what's so different about these days, as compared to a few days from each week that has passed? Is it that I'm finally bored of my Sims, I have no homecoming chores, no senior week chores, no presentation preparation, no anything at all??

So, I could be studying for a certification test... I figure I will get myself certified in just about every thing I can. I mean, why not, right? One day teaching jobs may not be so hard to come by, if I ever have to teach again. One day we may have our business open and I can display all of my certifications proudly on a wall in an office I will hopefully never sit in... I say this because I want us to be busy, and if I'm sitting in an office, we are not busy.

I could be folding the laundry... I heard the timer go off about 3 minutes ago.

I could be going for a run but it's chilly out for this Texas woman.

I could be on my elliptical which is exactly where I would be if it weren't freakin' broken. The guy came out today (he was supposed to come yesterday), and now he has to order a part!!! Pfffttt...

SO I'm sitting in the wifes' office while I wait for our housekeeper to clean, which is just wrong in all kinds of ways.First of all, if I'm so bored then why is she cleaning? She's bored too!!!  Second, the guilt... I would rather go somewhere than sit here while she works. She probably wishes we would. If I were her, I would wish that.

Oh look... I get to go somewhere right now! Time to get the kids from school! Have a great night all!

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Aeria said...

Ugh, I agree here too- I have days, even weeks that I have to actually schedule in a break to use the bathroom then, bam, a day where there is nothing and the guilt and boredom get loud- the "I should be..." thoughts start in.

On boring days I try to relax, see it as a gift and use it to purposely breathe and take a break from life. Doesn't always work but it's worth a shot :)