Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Petty Things-Yay!

I've decided a blog about petty things should be on today's agenda. I'm not sure why except that I'm quite worked up about so many things right now, and I don't feel like "talking" about it.


Panty Lines: Do we care or not? The wife says we all wear panties, so why are we worried about having lines and people knowing we have them on? Personally, I would prefer not to think about people in their panties or thongs, or whatever they may be wearing... is it better than going commando? Now there's a thought for you the next time the handy man comes around. I mean, we never do see his underwear... just the crack of his butt. I bet they go commando. Ours of course didn't. We always saw his underwear. They were too big on him and he was always having to pull them up over his pant waist.

Being Ugly: The wife asked me last night if I would rather be fat or ugly. She's struggling with weight and I guess she knows that regardless of this, she is nowhere near ugly. I hate that she's struggling, and have done everything I can to help as far as meals, pills, nagging about exercise. She want's Lap Band but I refuse to support that because I know how hard that is on a body and she has MS... something drastic like that would totally exacerbate her condition. Ugh, speaking of pills... I've been taking what I bought her. I'm not struggling with weight, but I suppose I was trying to take the easy way out as far as getting my own waist as small and tone as it can healthily be. I feel bleh... is it the pills? Who knows. They're all natural, so that's good! Let's see, I take 4 carb busters, 3 Fuco Thins, and 1 CLA (this is a supplement to the others). Because you must drink a lot of water when you take them, my water intake has greatly increased. Yay, right? I think I have a disorder... seriously. I just want to eat what I want and be happy, but NO... I know way too much about calorie counts in almost EVERY food there is, fat content, what burns fat, what doesn't. I totally freaked out the other night, because I had a piece of pumpkin pie from La Madeline, came home to look up the nutrition information, and could not believe one slice had over 430 calories! I Went right up to get on the elliptical. That's because I'm nuts... yep, I think it's true. Oh by the way, I totally think "ugly" is a personal opinion and some of the ugliest people don't appear to be so because they have the absolute best personalities, and some of the most beautiful people are ugly because they don't bleed... in other words, they're totally cold... mean.

Bikini Wearing: The wife feels people over a certain age shouldn't wear bikinis. REALLY?!?! I am not sitting here trying to get my waist looking nice so I can cover it up when we go on our cruise. Yes, we leave in two weeks for a cruise and I really want to put on a bikini and feel good. I saw at least a 65-70 year old woman at the water park this summer with a bikini on... I was impressed with the fact she was brave enough to wear one, and I want to do it too da**it!

My dogs: I love them. They make me happy. I feel guilty for leaving them for 7 full days. This will be the longest we've ever left them and my little Tallulah takes it hard. We'll be taking a night light to the boarding facility for them. This is not because I'm nuts this time... it's because the wife is :) I'm not the only one who is nuts in our household!

Fear: Okay, fear can be petty at times. I don't want to go on this cruise. Do you know how many earthquakes there have been these past few days? In TEXAS.... seriously?!?! This is part of the reason I'm in a "mood." The earthquakes I mean. They have just added value to my current mode of thought, which I don't want to "talk" about. So, I told the wife that I didn't want to go on the cruise... what if there's an earthquake, what if, what if, what if... you know, I fear the things I cannot control, which is EVERYTHING! Hmphhh...

Okay... enough of this petty BS. I'm off to do my sit-ups because I ate a whole package of saltines (well, I shared some with the dogs) trying to make my stomach feel not so sick. The wife broke my elliptical... I think she did it on purpose, because she hated having it in that window. Then she started saying she broke it because she was fat... ugh! Woman!! They are made for people to get on so they can lose weight. There are muscular men who weight more than her who use these things.... there are way larger people who use them. I'm just lucky she was on it because she was going slow, taking it easy since it was her first time on there. Had I been on it and it had broken like that, I would have gotten hurt, because I go pretty fast. There is a reason for everything. NOW, I need a new one.... now. Otherwise I will be heading out at midnight to work off whatever it is I've eaten that, in my head, I should NOT have consumed.


The Bipolar Diva said...

Have you seen Helen Mirren in a bikini? Woman is in her mid 60s and looks fantastic! do a google image search on her. She's amazing! I still wear a bikini. I'd like to for a very long time :) But then I'm an attention whore, or so I'm told.

Aeria said...

Have you been able to get a new elliptical yet? Wow, I would love one of these things in my home! I would probably wear it out and break it pretty quickly.

I don't think I'll ever be able to go on a cruise- my hubby is like you- what if, what if what if...
I hope you guys have a great time!! Enjoy a bit for those of us stuck on land in boring places wishing for ellipticals! :)

PS, Sorry I've been absent from your posts (everyone's posts and internet in general!), I see I'm way behind!