Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Appreciation and Happiness

I would first like to express my appreciation for all of the comments! I will be posting pictures of the neighborhood at some point, and responding to my comments :).

We are not on a regular schedule just yet. We've had repairmen with us almost since the day we've moved in. Apparently our new home was struck by lightening the day we closed on it. All three heating and a/c units went out, along with something called the mother-board, some circuits, etc, etc. Basically everything is being replaced. They're finally done with the heating and air stuff. Now they're replacing all of our light sockets... ALL of them. ::sigh:: Luckily our insurance is taking care of it. The guys have also done some of my major landscaping... I'm thankful for that! I'll do the flowers myself, but I'm holding out until mid-April due to the crazy Texas weather.

These guys do everything. The wife was calling them The Three Stooges, and they said they actually call themselves that too. I'm not sure that's a good thing, but they do get the job done, and they do it right! It's funny... we were looking for a handyman... We now have 3! I'm not sure what it will feel like with the guys gone. This afternoon they even brought their fishing rods so they could fish before they went home. The wife and I sat on the patio, holding the furry babies, and watching the guys fish. It's a strange life we live here on the lake. ;)

Last weekend was very difficult. We had to say goodbye to Calvin, our little old man furry-baby. It was terrible. We had the animal hospice scheduled for Friday evening, but poor little Calvin started going down-hill fast late Thursday evening. By 5 am he was in a constant seizure. We were lucky enough to find a great vet down the road that took Calvin in as soon as he opened. He quickly put our baby out of his misery.

I know now that I should have taken the wife's suggestion seriously. Putting Calvin down with Thomas would have been better for him. It just didn't see that he was ready.

Tomorrow the girls will visit the same vet for their shots. Then the boy and I have tennis, the repairmen will be back, and later in the day, we are having our real-estate agent over for wine.... 1. To show our appreciation for getting us in the house, and 2. To discuss what on earth we need to do to get our other home sold.

All in all I am seriously hoping for a relaxing weekend... seriously! :)

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Anita said...

It's the weekend and I hope you're relaxing!

I am - after a VERY busy week driving continuously to several practices, events, etc. for my children. (Husband is always working late. Boo.)

My blood pressure actually went down today after riding horses with my youngest daughter who was out of school.

Thanks for the update on your new life. It'll be fun to hear more about it.