Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Crazy, busy, busy, crazy... BUT

Two weeks in our new home... YES, TWO weeks already! Honestly, it feels longer. So much has happened... so many things to blog!

I'll start here...
We've been in our home for two weeks. We've entertained our closest friends thus far and are planning a party for the end of April. A neighbor has lent us a golf-cart to take for a test drive because "If you live in Chandlers, you NEED  golf cart." Now, I'm thinking my rear-end is going to grow about ten times larger due to riding around in a golf cart rather than riding around on my bike, or even running and walking... things I once did for exercise, but currently have no motivation for. It is the cutest little black and red golf cart... I love it! It would be so fun to have it around for me and, well, the kids too! I would share!

I would love to have a golf cart... like most people there are many things I would love to have. This week, in the wake of a terrible situation, one of those wants has resurfaced.

A friend of ours son committed suicide last week. He was young, just a baby really. Only 24, with a girlfriend, and a beautiful 2 year old. It seemed to everyone, as if he was finally getting his life in order, but maybe it was only surface. I guess inside he was really struggling. He had to be, because one argument, one disagreement wouldn't have been the cause of his inability to deal with life.

Through all of this, we heard through the grapevine that his girlfriend is pregnant with a second child and would possibly want to adopt it out. It is simply a rumor at this point, but of course it made my want of another child resurface. The wife is right of course, it would be terribly difficult to adopt the grand-baby of a friend. We would be pretty selfish with the baby and have very strong ideas of how we were going to raise this child. The problem is, it would be terribly difficult for us to adopt otherwise. Other people have very strong ideas about children being raised by gay/lesbian parents. I can just see how an interview would go....

How would you... etc etc....???

The perfect answers would be on the tip of our tongues, but lets just answer honestly here:

 Me: I would want to buy it everything... only the best, from frilly dresses with bloomers and big fat bows if it's a girl, to all organic foods, and an awesome bassinet that plays the i-pod ;)

The Wife: No bows, I'll deal with frillies, and all organic foods?? We don't even get that, and we are healthy without it.

Me: We have to start the baby out right...

Person doing the interview: Where would the baby sleep?

Wife: In our room... Me: Only until 6 weeks then in one of the upstairs bedrooms.... Wife: That's too far away... Me: We would have a baby monitor... a video... we would completely childproof the upstairs to keep the baby safe once he or she is crawling out of the crib! Wife: What??? Crawling out? Ugh... the baby will get the master bedroom and we'll sleep upstairs.

Person doing interview: When the baby is sick?

Us: We would both be up caring for it, one of us wanting to make a trip to the ER... the other one being the voice of reason. That could go either way as far as which one will be pushing for the ER.

Person doing the interview: You both seem to disagree on what you want for the baby... how would this be healthy?

Me: These aren't things that are unusual in any type of parenting situation. We would want only the best for the baby... good health, happiness, education, and beyond... between the two of us, this baby would lead a well balanced, happy, life, with our biggest goal being not to spoil the child so rotten that he or she ends up being the pariah of social functions.

These are things that go through my head. I would love to have another baby... we have our dream home, we could still travel... hmmmm.... We'll just have to see! In the mean time, we have teenagers and furry babies that keep us quite busy!!

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Anita said...

You need a golf cart? Think about posting some pictures of your house on the outside and of the neigborhood when you settle down.

I'm sorry about your friend's son. I hope both of his children will have loving homes and families. It would be really nice if they can be raised together. But...so many things in life would be better, only if...