Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Monday, March 7, 2011

Oh my Geeeee, we MADE it!

I should be putting a resume together for a friend, but wanted to blog first. It has been so long, and I've missed it. Plus it makes me feel as if I am back on routine, which, for an OCD person such as myself, is VERY important!

Since my last blog, we've been crazy-busy with the move. I took a week off, and can honestly tell you it was exhausting, but very worth it as far as the house and view. 

I've been feeling a little concerned about living in a smaller town, and such a close-knit, gossipy neighborhood. This feeling about the town in general, didn't set in until my first visit to the grocery store. You cannot walk down an aisle without getting stuck behind someone standing in the middle of it, looking totally clueless. They then notice they are blocking you, slowly begin moving, and don't even apologize. We came from Dallas... people do not stand clueless in an aisle and then NOT apologize when they realize they're blocking you. The cashier was making horrible faces at my Indian food purchases, and a little girl looked at the boy and said "THAT'S a boy?!?" He has skater-boy long hair. I just looked at him and whispered "Can we say Rockwalllll?" This was said in my best Texan accent, of course. 

We did meet one of our next door neighbors the day of move-in. The wife met her first, and when I went searching for the wife, I got to meet her. She didn't beat around the bush... she came right out and asked us if we were a couple. I like that... she was straight forward. She then said it's okay, and that the neighbors directly next to her would be okay with that too. Hey, it was her way of making peace. I'm good with that. I wasn't good with the woman who kept driving by in her little red golf cart, staring, with no smile at all. The next time I see her, I'll be stepping right in front of her. Everyone in this neighborhood has a golf cart, and you see them driving all over the place in them. We decided we would get our own golf cart, paint it rainbow colors, name it Cha-Ching, and have a personalized plate that says RCH LESBOS. ;o) Just kidding, but the temptation is there. I think they actually expect it. 

Regardless of all of that, I'm very happy in our new home. It's beautiful, and we're very lucky! Here are some pictures taken before we got our furniture in!

The kitchen :)
The bathroom!
The beautiful living room!

Last but most important: The beautiful view :)


Sunny Dee said...

Wow!! Your new home is beautiful, and the view is amazing. Hopefully the little red golf cart lady gets her act together so you can get settled in and enjoy. :)

Misshell75 said...

Love... LOVE the kitchen! I hope you all are settling in and enjoying your new home.

Laura Lou said...

Ohhhh my goodness... your house looks AMAZING!! It looks so elegant! And that view.... wow!!

Anita said...

It's beautiful, peaceful, and inviting. May it last forever. :)