Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Appropriate response?

This is a quick one...

9/11 is quickly approaching. There are positive things we can do to honor this day. Make it a day of service. Volunteer your time to those less fortunate, help someone buy a meal, take something special to a local veterans hospital.

I'm so disgusted with the preacher who wants to burn the Quran. A God-loving man... unbelievable. I'm disgusted with the way he's abusing the freedoms we're granted in our country. What will this prove to anyone? I just hope people of the Muslim faith understand that not all Americans support this useless act, just as not all Muslims support acts of terrorism.

Make 9/11 what it should be, a day of remembrance, and honor those who lost their lives, honor those who survived, honor those families who lost loved ones... honor them by helping others... not by committing acts of violence or committing acts that could put our country, our soldiers, our homes, our children, in jeopardy.

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bluebonbon said...

I so agree with you! He is suppossed to be a man of faith! The worse part is that this man has followers. Followers! That he preaches to! The appropriate response is to thank the people who serve out there you are so right about making it a day of service. Also remember that it was people of all faiths and colors who lost lives on 9/11. Great Topic.