Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Monday, September 6, 2010

Loving this!!

Is the long holiday weekend over already? We’ve been experiencing a “cold front” these past few days. In Dallas, it’s called a cold-front when the temperature dips into the 80’s. I’ve loved the weather and get the feeling it has been a major contributor to my restlessness these past few days. I mean, we’ve got cooler weather, college football season, a convertible, and my love for road trips pulling at me like a child having a temper tantrum.

This weekend was spent cleaning the garage… fun stuff huh? It was also spent hanging out at home and volunteering with a group I’ve signed myself up with. I’m very excited about the things I’ve signed myself up for. One is a volunteer organization that goes to nursing homes, shelters, etc. etc. I like the volunteer group because I can take the kids to most of these activities. This will be so good for them! The wife and I did a nursing home on Saturday (the kids were with their dad), and they allowed us to bring Tallulah. The residents love dogs!

Tallulah at the nursing home wondering what her job is.

The other group I joined is a walk/run group that meets quite often during the week. I like the walk/run group because I really need some “me” things to balance out the “wife’s me things” (her tennis group), so this is part of my “things for me” project. Yes, I’ve made it a project. If I label it a project, and then put it on a list, I am more likely to do it.

There are SO many groups out there to join! One looked really fun, but I’m trying to remain within the confines of the wife’s blessings, which means I cannot join the “liberal drinking group.” This is a group that meets at local hangouts to discuss politics, and yes, to drink. That sounded like fun to me, but I’m pretty sure the wife wouldn’t want me doing that… I’ve still got it marked down as a favorite just in case, though. Perhaps I can find a road trip group… THAT would be fun! I wonder how you would avoid meeting “crazies”. Hmmmm…

So I’m really interested in knowing what others do to balance themselves out as far as their relationships with their spouses or significant others, their family, and their social activities.

What if there’s a group of women getting together planning a “girl trip.” They’re leaving the husbands behind and setting off on an adventure. How does that work in your relationship? How would that work for mine? I mean, we’re both girls. I’m fairly certain the wife and I wouldn’t go on a “girl” trip without each other. It wouldn’t bode well for either of us.

Time for me to get back to my Monday house-wife duties… I hope everyone has a wonderful and short work week!

“Dear washer and dryer, I have placed the laundry basket full of clothes on top of you with the hope it would be washed, dried, ironed, folded, and hung by the time I am done blogging. Thank you!”

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bluebonbon said...

"Liberal Drinking Group"? Hmmm wonder if there is one in my town??? sounds great!