Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Monday, September 20, 2010

MS doesn't rule us

Wow, I can’t believe how quickly the weekend flies by! I’m not even sure what happened these past few days!

Just kidding about not knowing, but lucky for you, I’m not going to give a minute by minute, or even a day by day, account of it. You would be snoozing on your keyboard before you made it to Saturday! What I am going to talk about has a little to do with my last blog:

What Rules You?

This Saturday morning, the wife had a tennis match. Now please keep in mind that we live in the great state of Texas, and right now, our portion of Texas is hot, humid, and miserable. She loves tennis, is good at it, and signed up with a league for these reasons, and also to lose weight through activity. The weight loss is going well, but I worry about her on the court in this extreme heat.

The wife has MS and I believe the heat exacerbates it. She suffers from a variety of symptoms that we try to pin down to specific activities in order to lessen their occurrence. Knowing what I know, and knowing her the way I do, it’s hard to watch her out there at times. She’s very competitive and works hard to win. She can also laugh and joke around with opponents and tennis partners alike. I see this, but also know she’s hurting, is possibly numb on one side, and her hearing is more than likely going in and out.

All of this is going on within her, possibly more than what she's told me, but no one can tell. I know that after the match, she’ll have a hard time cooling off, and a hard time forming her thoughts and then translating them verbally. It won’t last long, but I know she’s suffering from an exhaustion we can only imagine.

I watch her play tennis, and she glances at me frequently to make sure I’m watching her. I love and admire her and… I know what rules me.

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Lisa said...

Hey j2c, you've asked a question or 2 over at my place, i'll get to them when i have more time.

MS, my sister has it too. It sucks! Keep the Mrs out of the heat. From what my sis has told me, it's not a pleasant thing.

How long ago was she diagnosed? What type? (yep, being nosy ;-) ) It's nice having someone to relate to, that doesn't have the horrible disease, but someone on the outside looking in. :-/

Hope y'all are getting some cooler weather and everyone is doing well.