Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Brangelina Debacle

Okay, I’m not a person who tends to follow celebrities and their crazy lives, but since I wasn’t feeling well today, I decided to grab a “trash” magazine while at the grocery store. I came home, unpacked the groceries, climbed in bed, and read all the latest celebrity gossip. Some of it is just craziness. Who are the Kardashians, anyway? Are they from a reality tv show? Those women are NOT attractive at all… ughhh.

Some of it, I can almost relate to. Take Brad and Angelina. They appear to be disagreeing on the press time Angelina spends talking about Shiloh. She’s their 5 year old who “wants to be a boy.” First of all, I have to say that it’s good to hear she’s giving that baby press time. I still remember the big deal that was made when she called Shiloh a blob. So now, she’s “gushing” over the little girl. She’s proud of her for being who she wants to be, and has apparently been telling people about her strong personality, likes, and dislikes. I do wonder if she is simply making sure people know she is not choosing this for her child. I mean, I remember when our daughter chose to wear red sparkly Wizard of Oz shoes with everything, and I do mean everything. I made sure people knew I wasn’t fashionably ignorant. Silly, I know, but c’mon. We worry about what people think, no matter who we are in the “food chain.” ;o) Maybe her gushing stems at least a tiny bit from that. I also think she wants people to know she supports her child no matter what.

I also understand Brad’s side of things. He’s a private person who very rarely discusses his children individually and I think he wants to protect Shiloh from negative publicity. I can just imagine the right wing Christian groups are going nuts with this. I can see them using this sweet little girl as a poster child for reform camps or as an example of something morally incorrect. “This is what happens when you have children out of traditional wedlock!” Bleh…

So, there’s my take on people I don’t personally know. My little bit of gossip, hopefully with no judgment passed. Well, except when it comes to the Kardashians… yuck!

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Anita said...

That was a good rant. Funny, even if not intended.

My daughter wore a wig to the grocery store once, and I was sure people thought she had cancer. But I said nothing; just let her have her fun.