Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Total Domination

Food! Good food, bad food, good food that’s bad for you, bad food that’s good for you. Does food pretty much dominate your life? It dominates mine. There are so many choices out there as far as food. You can buy organic, wild, farm raised, locally grown, all natural (not the same as organic), low carb, low fat, gluten free, lactose free, 100 calorie packs, high protein, high fiber, etc etc. etc… what is one to do?

Here is what I normally do (normally being the key word)…

I buy organic canned goods and milk. Not because I’m some sort of yuppie food snob, but because I have major stomach issues, and organic seems to be better for my digestive system. Don’t ask me why… I have no idea. I’m just going by experience. Lately I’ve been buying frozen fruits just because it lasts longer.

I read the back labels on everything I purchase. This makes for a LOT of time in the grocery store. I look for low fat, low sodium, and low carbs. I don’t care about calories. Never have, and guess what… it seems to work as far as my weight goes.

I stay away from red meat. Not for any other reason except that my digestive system rebels against red meat. I will admit that it feels good to drive by cows grazing on the sides of the road, and know I don’t eat them.

I buy lactose free milk, but regular low-fat cheese. Not sure why I can’t have milk, but cheese doesn’t bother me. We buy the low fat white cheeses and low fat swiss cheese. Good stuff!

I buy red pepper hummus instead of bean dip. This is incredibly yummy with Simply Naked pita chips.

What I did this weekend… I’m not really sure what went wrong this weekend except that maybe I’m pms’ing. Or maybe one really bad thing led to another? Who knows…

3 Krispy Kremes, 1 Long John Silver fish filet, and beef ravioli… ughhhh. Thank goodness I’ll be back in the gym tomorrow. That is if my digestive system will allow me to leave the house. I will not feel guilty… I will not feel like I’ve polluted my body… I’ll just move on and learn from my mistakes. ::sigh::


Velvet_Heaven said...

Ah! Never feel guilty about what fills your belly! That's my motto. Although, for me, I can't eat Long John Silver's. I get sick. Like food poisoning sick every single time.
And now, I do have some dietary restrictions that makes for me having to inspect labels rather thoroughly as well. I like buying organic apples. The skin just isn't so waxy. I hate waxy foods. I also buy organic unsweetened soy milk. VERY low carb and low sugar while still having enough protein and other various nutrients to get ya by. I also buy unsweetened chocolate almond milk and sweeten it with Splenda. I serve this to my cousin's little girls who really don't notice the difference.
Oh, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE red pepper hummus. Sometimes I use it with everything. I'll usually get a craving for a toasted bagel and smear a bit of cream cheese and top it with a dallop of hummus. Or if not cream cheese, spread it with hummus and slice some avocado on top.
I'm just a food person...addicted to Krispy Kremes...or Shipley's donuts.

Susan R. Mills said...

Those are some good tips on food replacements. I'm the most unhealthy eater that ever lived! Food surrounds every event. It really shouldn't be that way, but it is.

The bipolaRNurse said...

Your picture makes me go the corner store! YUMMMM
Here's to hoping you recovered, and pass me a krispy kreme!

Anita said...

I'm in the red pepper hummus fan club, too.

Been working on improving the diet for years. It's slow going, but happening.

Today, I actually had a sandwich that did not include meat. I had whole wheat pita filled with hummus, cucumbers, tomato, mozzarella, red pepper, and lettuce.

That could not have happened a year go. Would have HAD to have a slice or chunks of any kind of meat included.

Good for you - eating lots of nutritious food. You're a good example.