Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Friday, September 3, 2010


This is a picture I found on a Dallas Observer site. Unfortunately, I wasn't armed with a camera and the camera on my phone has stopped working. Maybe due to too much dropping!

Today I decided to come to Buli to do my writing. Buli is a coffee shop in what we call the “gayborhood.” I don’t often frequent the “gayborhood,” but I do have moments that pull me to it. I love it. It’s very eclectic with its mixture of shops and eateries. During the day it’s quiet and, you wouldn’t know it was the “gayborhood” except for the rainbow flags flying from the corner posts. The wife and I don’t agree with the flying of the rainbow flag, but it does add more color, making it bright and cheerful… happily gay, ya know?!Evenings are a different story. On a weekend night, the bars are open and bursting forth. You’ll see drag queens that actually do their make-up better than I ever could… oh and let’s not discuss how much better than me they look in their mini dresses. Anyway… I love the atmosphere, I love Buli, and I love people watching while I try to come up with something funny and creative for my book.

Today I’m sitting outside because though it is overcast, the temperature is beautiful! I’ve been watching the people come and go and have come to the conclusion that Buli is more of a gay-man hang out now. I felt odd being the only woman here. I’m not the only woman now. As the surrounding businesses are taking their lunches, the crowd is beginning to have some diversity. Oh and you can just call me Mary Poppins now. While sitting here, birds have been landing on the empty chairs at my table chirping away. So, I fed them, and now there’s a whole “crowd” of birds hopping around on the ground. Oh… and now a pidgeon! I may burst forth with song at any moment!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day, and a safe, happy weekend!

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