Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A bit delayed...

A festive Dinner

 I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's day...  it is the day to seriously take advantage of your favorite candies (single or not).  It's funny how things change as you get older, and your life is so totally entwined with the one you love. The need to run out and buy (overpriced) flowers, stuffed toys that end up in closets, and candy that makes you fat, is no longer there. Well, lets back that train up... I NEED my Reeses peanut butter hearts,  just like I needed my Reeses bells on Christmas, and when Easter comes along, I'll need my Reeses eggs. I love the holiday Reeses because the chocolate is thinner and it's chock full of peanut butter!!!

Okay, back to the blog... sorry. What I was saying was, our expectations have changed. We had a fun dinner with friends Saturday night, a nice day Sunday hanging out and watching the sunset in the Harbor District (located in the city we will soon be living in), the wife and I bought iPhones for Valentines, and we've enjoyed our evenings playing Angry Birds (for her) and Bejeweled (for me). We're happy... woohooo! :)

What's your idea of the perfect Valentine? Regardless, I hope everyone enjoyed their day. Just remember, Valentine's Day celebrates love. Whether you're single or not, there is someone or someTHING (like my Reeses) that you love. If nothing else, you should love yourself enough to treat yourself to something, even if it's sleeping in or eating that piece of candy or cake that you're usually depriving yourself of.

Soon, we will have this view every night! 

Hanging out on a beautiful day... Gotta love Texas ! :)

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