Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Sunday, February 13, 2011

You know...

NO worries... the person in this photo does have a head... I just cropped it out to protect the innocent. No, seriously, I'm not even sure she knows of my blog, but I am sure she wouldn't want her picture out here in blog land. 
You know you're getting old when:

You feel like you look better with your clothes on as compared to them being off.

In a not so distant past, I remember telling the wife that I just felt more comfortable with my clothes off. Clothes were "binding and would push things out that didn't need to be out." Now, things are being pushed out without the help of clothes. Now clothes serve as a cover-up, where as before I could use them as an enhancement of what was underneath them.

I will eventually start working out again. My plan was to join the gym in February, when things had calmed down a bit from the January resolution members. Since we're moving in a few weeks, I've decided to wait on the gym membership. We're buying an elliptical, and I have weights, a ball, and a mat. Do I need anything else? Motivation perhaps, but that, unfortunately cannot be bought.

My motivation will be... ummmm... it will be totally aesthetic. I want to be hot. There, I admitted it. If that works as motivation, then why not, right? If good health comes with it, then even better!

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