Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Friday, February 11, 2011

Setting the record straight...

Sometimes I am NOT a very nice person. I admit it... at least I'm not two-faced about it and I don't act "ugly" about things all the time. I guess at times, I have what we could call moments of weakness.

A few examples:

I am using my daughter's phone right now because mine was stolen. I am waiting for Verizon and the iPhone. I had the iPhone once before, and had to replace it a few times, but after NOT having it, I've decided what's a little inconvenience, right? Anyway, I digress... I told her to tell all of her friends that I have her phone, but apparently some haven't gotten the message and she's getting texts. Not a big deal, but I feel like my not replying back for her, will in some way will make her friends think she's blowing them off, and lets face it, she doesn't have that many. She received a text from one child today and it read as follows: "U know how i couldnt come down here tuesday? jacobs mom told me he cried cuz i couldnt come. i was like aww. :("  I don't like this particular girl. She's 4 years older than my child, not working, not going to school, and living off of the handouts of friends (and her mom's credit card) because her mom is "a bitch and expects me to clean the house all the time." So, my immediate reaction was to reply back "That's disgusting." No worries, I didn't do it, but the fact that it popped in my head was surprising to me. I really don't know why I was surprised. I mean I am the one who wants the super-power ability to blink people off the face of the earth. I don't want to HURT them... I just think some people need to go away. I know... that is NOT NICE.

This next example comes from FaceBook. Here are some of the things I really want to respond to, but don't. Beware, the language and content is BAD.

The first few FB quotes are my ex's niece. She's 19, pregnant, and a mess in general. Even my daughter says this, which means I must be right. I don't block her because she has reached out for help in the past and I figure if she resurfaces, I need to know what's going on. Plus, she stayed with us for about a month when she was little, so I still think about that poor little girl who has had a life much like my own when I was small. 

My prego hormones are going nuts I seriously just cried and threw a fit because exon diddnt have hot dogs UGH damn cravings.. :(((

What I wanted to say: Ummm, no, I think I can be safe when saying that while for most this would be pregnancy, for you, it's quite the normal reaction. 

ugh Smdh I hate messy ass ppl that dont clean up after them selves. Bitcccchh I aint yo momma. Pshhh

I had no thought as far as this one...

If I had it my way id slit ur throat with the knife you left in my back...

What I wanted to say: OMG, you're going to be a mommy soon...

Im such a dumb ass :/ ugh I really think I have anger issues >.>

What I wanted to say: "REALLY?" 

This next one is a friend's son. Her daughter is the one who sent the text to my daughter earlier today. She was such a strict mother... never let her kids watch anything on TV or listen to music that was violent, sexual, or rated higher than the stated age. They were sheltered from the bad in the world. My kids, on the other hand have never really been sheltered... I'm assuming my friend hasn't been reading her son's posts, because though my kids haven't been censored or sheltered, I would beat them if they ever, EVER posted some of the things I've read from their friends. I finally blocked this kid. I do go back to his profile every so often since my kids have him on their FB. 

Ya ill be gone for awhile.. Your not a tough badass just because im gone. Ill be back through those doors before you know it. All the little lies will catch up to you at the end.guantee you

What I wanted to say: Nothing... I was wondering if this child needed to be reported to his school for this comment since in the one before that he stated he would be doing homeschool for awhile until things calmed down at his school. Is this a threat from a mentally unstable child or a teen being a teen? 

Dear bitches, go f**k yourselves with a chainsaw

WOW... this is what made me finally block him. 

Im sorry your ugly. All i can say is.... Stay away from the mirror if you can help it...

What I wanted to say: BOY, what on earth is wrong with you, posting stuff like this 40 times a day??? (I'm not exaggerating) 

SUCK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

I won't say what I wanted to say on this one. It wasn't nice or adult-like. Ahem

There's more, but I'm done boring you or disgusting you (or both), with my mean ways and the stuff I read on FB. The bad thing is... I sure do love Facebook. It's one of my many brainless activities. I love reading about my friends' lives, opinions on different things, and their children. I love playing the apps. too. The wife and I are very addicted to Petville and Bejeweled. We'll sit in bed for hours each night playing Bejeweled on our iPads...  Hey, it makes us happy :) Wow... we're getting old, huh? 

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