Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Thursday, February 17, 2011


In my Global Warming blog, I mentioned that we finally made it out of our drive-way because we had to take the cat to the vet. Thomas (Tom Tom) is 13 years old and has never been sick. In fact, he's been in terrific shape until now. During that snow, we were home all day for 6 days straight. I suppose this is how I finally noticed Thomas wasn't feeling well. He was meowing a LOT and having a hard time jumping up on the washing machine, where his food and water are kept. I let the wife know and we decided to get him to the vet. That was no easy feat during the bad weather, because our vet's office was closed, as were a few others.

The prognosis, after finally finding a vet, was kidney failure and a UTI. Okay, we could accept this. All we had to do was clear up the UTI with antibiotics, and take him in for fluid loads to flush the toxins from his kidneys. We had hope! After a few days of fluid loads, the vet took his blood again. Things still weren't improving at the rate he had hoped. We had a choice... more fluid loads or being admitted for a few days so he could get continuous IV fluids. The wife didn't want him to be away for a few days, and Thomas really did seem to be improving. He was sleeping with us again, and walking around the house. So, we went through the weekend to see how things would go. 

Poor Tom Tom started to feel bad again. He started sleeping next to his cat box,  he stopped eating and drinking, and he seemed to not be using the box as much. All of this in two days. We took him back in and the vet finally decided to test his kidneys. We've had to wait two days, but we finally know... our kitty has cancer. :( We have no good choices... we can keep him alive for a few more months with steroids, or we can wait, and watch, and keep him as comfortable as possible, until he needs to be put down. What would you do? 

I was glancing through my "recent blogs" list, and saw that one of the bloggers I follow (Inspired Mess), has been blogging what love is to different people. I haven't read these recent blogs of hers just yet, but I can tell you, at this point, what one aspect of love is for me... Love is being able to make the right choice for what/who is loved... the less selfish choice.... seems simple enough, but it really isn't at times.  

Tom Tom hiding in the sweet sixteen decorations

"Will you please stop flashing that light in my eyes?"

Tom Tom relaxing before bedtime :)

We love you Thomas!!!

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Anita said...

What a sweetie. I know that he has given you all so much joy.