Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Sunday, February 6, 2011

The tent was an army green color and long like a mess hall. I describe it this way, because that's exactly what it reminded me off. There were loud noises outside and when we ran out the door, we ran right into this thing. I'm not sure why we were running out when it sounded as if that's where the danger was, but what about dreams makes sense anyway? We were taken aback as we entered the tent and had no idea why it was attached to our home. After a quick glance around, we spotted and made a quick dash for the exit, but as soon as we reached it, a looming shadow appeared. With a deep voice, it asked us where we thought we were going. Hell, we didn't know. We wanted out... we wanted to see what was going on, we wanted to be safe. The shadow told us we needed to stay exactly where we were... that a car was coming for us. As soon as the words were spoken the "car" arrived. It was long and black, with dark windows, but it wasn't a limo. We were told to get quickly get in. Our first glimpse of the outdoors was shocking to see. It was incredibly bright, lots of dust, smoke, and debris in the air. Our neighborhood was riddled with old houses that seemed to be in a shambles from lack of care. Mr. L's home had little rug rat kids running around barefoot and dressed in rags. Our own home was falling apart as if we had never done a thing to care for it. The vehicle took off, and soon we were on the main road. There were people in dark suits (men and women) running everywhere, and a few cars too, all black. The suited people were jumping into cars at the intersections. The people originally in the cars, were pushed out and left for dead on the road. Left for dead because they obviously weren't on the same side as those in the suits. Our car never stopped at the intersection, but wisely barreled through. On the drive we saw that everything seemed to be in a state of disarray. We crossed a huge bridge, and had finally made it to our destination... yet another green tent. We were left there with no explanation. When we went into the tent, we found our way to the door of the home it was attached to. We were suddenly at a party... dressed to the nines and socializing. A new dream perhaps? A friend of ours had waxed the very top of her head, and was quite proud of the new hair-do. People we knew and loved, and people we knew and disliked were all there. It was fun. The friend who had waxed her head was the talk of the party. As I'm looking around, the wife comes up to me and shows me a discolored patch of skin she has discovered... she's proud of it, but when I ask her what she did to get it, she said it just showed up. The waxed-haired friend then walked by us and as she did I woke up, and my thought as I woke was "Well, she looks the same all the way around unless she looks down at something."

No, I don't do drugs ;)

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