Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Friday, August 6, 2010

Cafe Brazil Gossip

I had to escape the craziness of the house for awhile so I thought I’d try Café Brazil out. I want to see how productive I can be here. So far I’ve gotten all kinds of stuff to blog about, but have yet to work on my current writing project. I think I’m a bit over-stimulated… I’m drinking Dr. Pepper which I try to stay away from and listening to about ten different conversations at once… my mind is spinning!!

As soon as I got here I noticed the very odd family sitting next to me. I couldn’t help it… the little boy started screaming because he dripped water on himself and he wouldn’t stop because he could still see it on his shirt. He needs a bit of therapeutic intervention which is something my business idea could provide to him if it were to come to fruition! I guess his daddy gave him a bit of therapy. He picked him up by his arm along with his sister (I’m not sure what I missed there) and carried them both out. The little boy was biting at his dad’s pant leg on the way out.

In the meantime, the waitress is seating a couple next to me. The man is very loud. The first thing he says is that he’s glad they didn’t seat them on the other side because “those two ladies scared him.” I looked over and wanted to tell him he was no portrait of beauty himself. I refrained, but wouldn’t life be more exciting if you could just let it all out? Seriously, I bet I’d have a whole different type of blog!
So the man continues to be obnoxious, the kids come back in with their dad but the boy is dragged back out again, and the mother of the kids shushes the girls with her hand… and yells at them to lower the volume. My brain is totally fried now, BUT the wife is joining me and this makes me very happy!


Cafe Brazil said...

Well, at least you can say it's never dull at Cafe Brazil! Thanks for coming in!

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