Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Monday, August 9, 2010

My Family

More peaceful times:

I love my family and realized I very rarely blog about them. I think my blog has become a forum for my emotions because the only time I write is when I’m pms’ing or when the wife is out of town (which seems to bring on a whole different type of pms).

It’s time for a change. The wife is sitting right next to me and thankfully I am NOT pms’ing right now. It seems like menopause has made pms ten thousand times worse (I’m sure the wife would agree ). Anyway, tonight I’m blogging about my family. How can I not. They are so comedic. If I could blog most of what goes on around here, I would have quite the following!

Tonight, I’ll share a few quotes…

On safety as spoken by the wife: "Sweetheart, I'm NOT pulling off the highway in Oak Cliff so the dog can go to the restroom. Let’s try to distract her ( starts baby talking to dog).

On friendship as spoken by myself: "Honeyyyy, we don't threaten our friends with bats. Is this why no one calls me?"

On Life as spoken by the girl: "I go by the book, the good book, you know… the bible(said in extremely southern accent).

On reverse de ja vue as spoken by the boy. “Wow, I feel like I’ve never done this before.”

Now for a funny story…
The wife and I agreed to keep a friend’s dog for her while they were out of town. Keep in mind, we already have three dogs. .. a very old one, a very loud one, and a very small one. Oh, and let’s not forget the cat. We can’t forget the major player in the chaos that ensued! So, Abby gets dropped off at our house while the wife is out to dinner with a new employee. There was chaos because as soon as our friend left, Abby started barking (I’ve discovered that dogs really are like children). Callie May started barking louder and Calvin joined in just because he’s deaf and had no idea what was happening. All the while Tallulah Jane was jumping around all of them like a little rabbit.

Later in the evening, the wife is trying to get ready for bed. While she’s changing, she is reassuring me things will calm down once the dogs adjust to each other. Right about this time, the cat wanders in to the bedroom. Abby goes nuts barking, the cat starts screaming, Callie,Tallulah,and Abby are jumping around like crazy and the wife suddenly yells “Look Abby, a naked woman!” She then proceeds to jump up and down. I can honestly tell you that I actually think it worked. My mouth dropped open, and the dogs stopped barking. Then I recovered…. “Honnnneyy?!?!? Why don’t you jump around like that for me?”These are the kinds of things we do out of desperation for peace I guess!

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Anita said...

Better than a reality TV show. :)