Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Do you smell it?

Ahhhh, this Texas weather is really getting to me. YES, I know… I’m from here, I’ve lived here most of my life, so I should be used to this stuff! I’m not. I love spring … we didn’t really have one this year. This year I took over the planting of the flowers in our yard. This was not a small undertaking, but I just could not see paying the gardener when it's something I love doing(he can keep mowing though!). Plus, I wanted to make the decisions about what went in. So, I planted. I planted for our neighbor as well! Everything was beautiful until May 1st. That's when the temperatures began hitting 100 degress or above and it has since been relentless. I pulled my poor flowers yesterday... which took forever. I'm hoping Fall temps will hit soon so I can get my pansies in, but I am REALLY looking forward to Fall regardless! Pumpkin pies, roasting pumpkin seeds, homemade applesauce, and the smell of other good things cooking! Windows open to a slow, crisp breeze, the sounds of football in the background, and “snack food” Saturdays… or Sundays now. I was never really into pro football, so we would have our big football watching days on Saturday. We LOVE the Auburn Tigers and Texas Aggies! This Friday is “wear your colors proud day,” by the way! Anyway, the wife loves her Cowboys, so “snack food” days have been moved to Sundays.

Tomorrow, the wife’s company has its first softball game of the fall season. I started out playing the summer season, but I was HORRIBLE, so I begged to be left off the roster and made friends with the people in the stands. Don’t get me wrong, the whole team was comparable to the Bad News Bears. We had a few token players… the young guys and one college girl. We had the cute gay man who ran the bases screaming with his arms flailing (Hey, he hit the ball, he can do as he pleases!). Regardless, they improved greatly and came in third place in the league! This was quite impressive for a team that had only just begun. My hope is they do just as well this season… we’ve lost the college girl to college and I am now playing. It will be fun… uh huh. I can do this! ::sigh:: If you don’t get another blog for awhile, it’s probably because I broke something trying to be sporty!

Happy Fall, just in case? ;) What's your favorite season?

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Velvet_Heaven said...

LOL!! I've always hated the heat. And even being born and raised in south Texas, I have never grown accustomed to the 100+ degree weather we are apt to get for, oh, 85% of the year!
Fall is absolutely my favorite season! I kick up my baking routine and leave the windows open and love getting out in that fresh air to work out. Right now, working out is horrible. But, yes, FALL!! Pumpkins, the color change of foliage and cool breezes. *sigh*