Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Friday, February 3, 2012


At a restaurant:

Me: Boy (insert name here, I don't call him this in the real world), will you get a to-go box for me? 
Boy: Why do I have to ask, why can't you? Huh? 
He then proceeds to do his head in a side-to-side chicken bob each time he says: Huh? Huh? Huh?

I sat staring at him while he did this, food on my fork which was on it's way to my mouth, but frozen in time, while I watched him. 

The wife: (whispering) You're thinking about it aren't you? Going through the motions in your head... like I did the other night, when I wanted to grab their phones and throw them in the lake.

I looked at her and said... "He's allergic to peanuts..."

The wife: I knew it!! I knew you wanted to throw your food at him!!

In the car:

Me: Oh look, the woman who was with the Concordia captain came forward.
Wife: I just want to know if the theme song from the Titanic was really playing while they were eating dinner. 
The Girl: How do they know what was playing?
Wife: People said that song was playing... I just want to know if it's true.
The Girl: Wow, that song has been around for long time. 
Wife: What?
The Girl: Well, I guess they would have had to ask the people on the boat what was playing for them to have it in the movie.
Wife: What?
The Girl: How else would they know what was playing?
Wife: That song was not playing on the actual Titanic...
The Girl: Then why was it the theme?
Wife: ??????????????
I don't even know what she said, because by this time she was so flabbergasted that I started playing games on my phone, while she sputtered, the boy just sat shaking his head, and the girl thought the wife was just plain dumb for not getting what she was trying to say. 

In Bed:

Wife: (about the dogs) I need a baby that loves me. I wish my bird could sleep with me. I need my Cal. (Our baby boy who died a few weeks after we moved into our new home)
Me: These babies love you... don't be silly. 
Wife: No, they love you... Look (as she waves her hands in their direction) They're all over you!
Me: I'm the one who put Cam in the laundry closet. He'll remember that one day. You know, if he was a child, I could get into trouble for disciplining him that way.
Wife: I can tell he really holds a grudge... 

Wife: ...and look at her!!

Callie May sleeps under the blankets, so we were unable to capture her on camera!

Wedding Day Jitters Conversation:

Wife: Baby, what are we going to do. The date you want is soon, and I've still got to lose this weight! What are we going to wear? Baby, we have to talk about this...

Me: :::silence as I stare at her with the look::: really???

We picked a date for our "wedding." That's the first step in planning! The next step is choosing a location, which I do believe has already been chose by virtue of having someone offer to do our nuptials for us! I just need to make sure it's affordable for all of our friends. 

Facebook Conversation edited to protect the innocent (concerning the date of the wedding):

    • Okay... I think we have a date but she said it's "dirty." I liked it because the numbers are perfect!! I'll explain why:
      The date is 6-9-12... See, it's counting by three! OR, you have 3+3... 3+3+3... 3+3+3+3.... meaning 2 threes, 3 threes, 4 threes... 1 plus sign, 2 plus signs, 3 plus signs. It's perfect all the way around... a Saturday, mild weather just about anywhere, and the numbers work. She just has a dirty mind. Now I can't wait to see what she has to say. LOL
  • Well let me know as soon as possible please ma'am. And yay!!!!!
    • I think it's the BEST date, bc that's our anniversary! 
    • Wednesday

      • OK, I am taking the 6th through the 8th off, so let me know as soon as possible if plans will change
    • Wednesday

      • Seriously I don't have a dirty mind!!! But I can tell you that she got a "look" on her face when she came up with it!!!
    • Wednesday

      • sounds good to me... I'll put it on the calendar and do our best to make it happen... WooHoo
    • Wednesday

        • Plus if you add the 6+9+12 together you get 27 which is 3 raised to the 3rd power.... plus, if you average out 2,3,4 you get 3, and 6912= 27 * 256, or 3^3 * 4^4...

      • Wednesday
        • OMG D... see!! I knew it! That's cool!!! We'll have to make it somewhere awesome so you guys can celebrate! Woohoo S and D, I'll just be excited to see everyone
          Oh, by the way... I did NOT get a look on my face LOL

        • D? Seriously?

            • Welcome to MY WORLD!!!!

      • Well I guess it will be 69 to the 2012year!

      • Wednesday
        • Yes it will.. and ummm, she's been drinking. Hell, so have I. LOL Here's to June 9th, 2012!

            • Cheers!

      • Wednesday

        • Cheers D!

      • Yesterday

        • Woohoo!!!!!

    So there you have it!! I have other messages from other great friends, this was just the group message that went out to my best high-school friends . I love them!! I love them all... I love you guys!!

    Alright, enough of this... have a great night!! Oh my... it's still early!?!?!?! Wow...

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    Rob-bear said...

    A lot of interesting messages. And I get the bit about the location being chosen. Have fun in the process.