Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Seriously, I'm not about to post a cheesy Valentine poem.

I look at Valentine's Day as a great marketing tool. It's wonderfully exciting for the kiddos, and a terrific reason for me to eat cupcakes, because we all know, I LOVE cupcakes. Otherwise, Valentine's Day needs to go. I mean, I've been reading FB status updates all day long (while stuck in the DPS), and some of these people (adults and teens alike) are very upset with this day. It's giving otherwise happy people, a major complex! I just want to give them all hugs, tell them I love them, and stuff them all full of cupcakes. Then I won't be the only one feeling naughty on this day. Naughty for eating cupcakes... NOT for other things. No, the wife is sick, and I don't want whatever it is she has. Romance has left the building... for now anyway. Unless you consider my nursing skills romantic.

This was the best one I've seen today... describes real life to a tee! 

In other news:
Beware when driving the roads in Texas. We have a new driver on the streets. She's armed with a heavy vehicle, and a card that says it's okay for me to let her loose (That's Texan speak, so read it in a southern, twangy drawl). It's very scary... but she'll be okay. I did get a little teary eyed as she drove off with the DPS guy in the car with her. My thought: "Oh sh*t, I'm getting old." My next thought: "I can sleep-in now, and she can drive herself, and her brother, to school!" Hey, I can find a positive in any situation!

I didn't watch her do the parallel parking. I was too nervous for her, but I did get a few pictures of this milestone:

Here we go!! She wanted to put the top down on the car, but I told her the DPS guy (who didn't know how to smile) would not appreciate the humor on this rainy day. 

Parking... I watched this much then went back in.

They're baaaaaack.... 
This is the way she wanted this picture of herself done... so here she is, acting victorious... I suppose. I think she may be doing that damned Toddler and Tiara lip thing behind her temporary license. LOL Sparkle girl, in your black and white picture!! 
We made a grocery store stop on the way to take her to school... cupcakes and chocolate covered strawberries for the teachers' V-Day gifts, and in celebration of her passing her driver's test. Oh, and Roses, because I wanted to confuse the men who were rushing around frantically, trying to be sweet this one day of the year. My Starbucks lady said they were lined up at 6 am, waiting for the store to open. The lady doing the check-out is an odd duck, and she will jump your sh*t if you don't separate your purchase from that of the person in front of you, with a little grocery divider. She's a regular and so am I. I've seen her do it. She can be quite scary, and usually sends people running from the store, too scared to even stop at the customer service desk, right by her register, to complain. Yep... she's nuts. 
I'm home now, and thinking about putting on some red lipstick, eating chocolate cupcakes, and drinking wine, while I serve medicine to the wife, on a tray full of roses. She won't be able to smell them... at this point I don't even know if she'll see them!!


Karen S. said...

So sorry about the blues...what ever it is ...it sure has been making the rounds....I agree with you about Valentine's day....I posted two simple hearts carved in the icy snow of our car...with a simple wish for a happy heart day...for all....my FB this year has been not so angry or to soupy either....of course I only checked it twice once before leaving the house and the second coming back...so who knows there me a bunch of stuff in the middle...I'm too afraid to check! Good luck with the new driver too....!

Rob-bear said...

Another reason not to drive to/in Texas? Hmmmm.

Congratulations to the Girl. But sorry for the Wife — so sad to hear she's sick again.

And you, cupcakes — what kind of day did you really have (other than almost passing out while the Girl was taking her test)?

Blessings and Bear hugs all round.