Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Friday, February 10, 2012

I'm Not Crazy...

I'm just...
a little strange.

I'm going to start this post by justifying my "feelings" with these pictures:

It says "Feeling a little sick, I better look up my symptoms online."  Then it says "I have brain cancer."

Do we all agree that looking up your symptoms online is a bad thing? I mean, it can create paranoia in just about anyone. Even if you're a fairly reasonable person, who knows better.

I also follow a blog I should Have Been a Stripper , and she posted this post Second Hand Sunday .

These are all examples proving I am not crazy. I just have some idiosyncrasies.

Now, I shall tell you my story:

Though this may be hard to believe, I have some irrational fears. They are health based, and things I really have no control over. One is fear of Ovarian Cancer. I have no idea why this particular one scares me the most, it just does, even with my breast cancer scare last year (well, it seems like last year). Don't get me wrong, I worried myself sick until the biopsy results came back clear, but it hasn't been a thought in my head since.

Now get ready for this next one: Amoeba... yes that's right. Look, I know it sounds nuts, but I've had this fear for a very long time. I won't jump into a lake because of this fear.  Kind of sad, when we live on the lake, and own a boat. This summer was SO hot, that after several wine spritzers I finally got brave enough to climb down the ladder and into the water. I know, I know.

People using Neti Pots, have died from encephalitis caused by amoeba, and this same amoeba lives in your shower head. This is why I was a little freaked out after my shower yesterday. I was in the shower, singing along to my music, and washing my face, when (I'm so graceful at times), I inhaled a lot of shower water. Now granted it was soapy shower water, and my sinuses and throat burned for hours. Of course, I wasn't worried about that... I was worried I had unintentionally neti potted myself an amoeba.

I finished getting ready to go (I had shopping to do, and not a lot of time to do it in), and then decided to tell the wife about my mishap, how much I love her, and my final wishes should something happen. She took that opportunity to tell me I wasn't allowed to go anywhere, but I wasn't falling for that one. She just didn't want me to go shopping. How could she deny me something I love doing, while I was still feeling so traumatized?

So, there is my story. Just know you guys are awesome for standing behind me and not thinking I'm crazy.


Rob-bear said...

Amoebae notwithstanding, I think you are crazy. But it is totally understandable. Insanity is hereditary; you get it from your children.

Karen S. said...

and what we don't get from our children we have already given to them! ha ha! life is a circle of love...all the way through it!...and..we're never crazy to google anything we want to know more about...just know somethings you read on line aren't always right...check your sources!..and when all else fails...try some chocolate!

Chrissy said...

Well, wait if you get it from your children, then why do I have it?! Must be because I use a Neti pot. I really do!

Thanks for the shout out. I knew I liked you. You're as neurotic as me. :-)

Rob-bear said...

I sit, corrected, as usual, Karen.

Aeria said...

I rather like the chocolate suggestion above! :)

These are not irrational fears! They are deadly things that most likely won't happen to you, but there is always the (very slim) possibility thus making them rational. Now degree of fear... that's another thing.
My kids have alot of fears that we are having a lot of trouble dealing with, they are disruptive to their lives so we are at the point we need to do something (not sure what). If you have any suggestions shoot them my way!!

And a little crazy is a healthy thing- totally sane is well, just crazy! Hugs to you :)

Just Two Chicks said...

@ Rob-bear, I do believe the children have indeed contributed quite a bit to my insanity... especially lately!

@ Karen, chocolate is the perfect remedy for just about anything that ails you :)

@ Chrissy- yes, I knew we were a lot alike the first time I read your blog!

@Aeria- I agree, when our fears start to drive how we live, it's time to seek help of some sort, and I'm with you... bring on the chocolate!