Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Friday, February 3, 2012

A little bit of this, a lot of THAT

Oh my God,

Coffee... wine... coffee... wine... coffee... wine... wine... coffee... wait, oops!

Just kidding, I didn't start my day with that oops, although, some days, I think it might be wise to start the day with wine. Would it make it better if I had a mimosa?

Look at it this way:

Pick me up... calm me down... pick me up... calm me down... calm me down...

That's better, right? It sure looks nice!

The girl was p*ssed off today because she wasn't able to take her driving test. We had to make an appointment, though the website here said nothing about that, AND they never, I mean never answer their phones. I was on hold for 45 minutes at one point... waiting, waiting, waiting. Then crazy wife (not all the time but on this day, she was), was checking how many texts the kids were sending out, and goes nuts after seeing my number of "phone call" minutes. Really!?!?! She'll deny that now, because apparently that mood has passed. Thank God. I have no life, so let's not flatter me in this manner... ever again. Pffft!

So, the girl has an appointment, and she was able to miss her first class, which is leadership. She hates that class, so woohooo, no reason for her to get ugly with me.

When I made it home from all of that craziness, it was raining, yet the dogs still needed to go out. Lately all Cam wants to do when he goes out, is bark at the birds (then come in and potty which is not acceptable), and I have to chase him down (because he runs from me, then circles back around so he can bark some more),with a squirt bottle and those dumb training chain-bags. Now, lets back up to "it was raining," yet here I am, trying to chase crazy dog down, while squirting at him... in the rain. I know, not my brightest moment. At least one of us is squirt bottle trained.

Mr. Raggedy Doggedy after a good chase down in the rain, with a squirt bottle:

Yes he is on the bed... Yes he is waiting for a cookie... I know, I'm a sucker!
A more serious topic:
I have an appointment today with the head of the kids' school. No it isn't to tell him how to run his school, and who to hire to teach leadership. Being a teacher, I know the last thing they need is some nutty parent up there thinking they know how to do it better than anyone else does. I actually love this school. It's been wonderful for both kids and their unique personalities. I love how they really seem to care for the kids, and don't put up with any crap from them either.

The school needs a gym for their activities, and we need a gym for our business... I want to try to combine our needs, and provide what they need if they'll allow us to build a portion out for what I would need for our business. Wish me luck... while I say I've given up the idea of this business, apparently I still hold out hope.

So, I'm wrapping this up, and wishing all of you a great and safe Friday!!!


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Kelli Hale said...

Good luck!! BTW, I am still totally on board for helping with the sewing. :) I'm actually dragging my sewing machine out today to stave off some boredom.

Rob-bear said...

The critter in the picture really needs a hair cut.

Good luck with the rest!