Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Thursday, February 2, 2012

You win some...

You lose some.

Although, I haven't lost anything. I'm just back in the bed again. Not due to lack of motivation on my part this time. The wife isn't feeling well, and she wanted me in here with her. The only thing I don't like about sitting in here while she's trying to sleep, is that the blinds are closed and it is such a beautiful day out. I'll make up for it later!

She was supposed to play tennis today, and I was going to get brave and go to the actual gym. I say "get brave" because I work out at home. I have everything I need for a variety of full workouts. I joined the gym to get out amongst people. Maybe find people to do my 5K's with me. Apparently I need to get myself out around people more, because I've become somewhat of a recluse... lots of thinking, not a lot of talking (well, I'd be talking to myself, which really isn't good), and some dread when it comes to walking into the gym and working out "next" to someone I don't know. It's silly!!!!

I'm not sure I'll be doing the Susan G. Komen 3-day. It makes me very sad, but the fact is, they've allowed politics to come between them and another organization geared toward helping women live healthier lives. I'm sure you've all heard the story somewhere. Politics... I hate politics, and religion... without those two things, I'm sure we'd have a peaceful world geared toward helping our fellow human beings.

Speaking of:
The girl is taking a leadership class at her school. This class is being taught by a woman who hasn't led a thing, and has never taught before. I'm not sure what her degree is in, but it's all I can do not to go up to that school after hearing the story I heard yesterday.

Apparently this teacher gave the students observation forms to fill out, ranking each other on different personality aspects, and allowing room for comments after each ranked topic. She then took the forms up, and proceeded to go over them with no anonymity given for each student. She left nothing out, and when she was done, she passed the observation forms to the named students. First of all... does anyone see a problem with this procedure. I agree, it's good for the kids to know "what they put in the universe" so to speak. I agree this gets them used to be evaluated by employers, but this wasn't based on work ethic, it was based on who they are, and they're still growing and maturing. It wasn't done by the teacher in a professional manner, and it wasn't kept anonymous as far as who said what about who. Plus, where is this teachers common sense? If she sees a student is being picked on, why would she continue to go over them in the classroom, and then hand them out. How is this creating leaders? Is she confusing bullying with leadership?

It makes me wonder... does this teacher know her students' history? Does she know she has a vulnerable student in there who has tried, in the past, to commit suicide. Does she know it's the most beautiful girl in the class, and that the boys picked on her because she doesn't want anything to do with them? Does she know the potential repercussions her actions could have on a young teen girl, who may happen to come across her evaluation in her binder, and continue to feel hurt over and over again? Does she know this girl wanted to go home after her class? Did she try to talk to her? I have no idea.

Rather than going up to the school, I talked to my daughter. I told her she was at an age in which she needed to stand up for her herself, and her friends. If no one likes this teacher... if her assignments single students out for bullying, then why not go in and talk to someone about it. *My own way of trying to create a leader who can have a positive impact. I was proud of her for the empathy and support she provided her friend. I've wondered at times, if the child possesses empathy, and yesterday she proved she does. Thank goodness... I guess I can count that as a win!

I better wrap this up. I just found out I need to come up with a "basket" idea for a silent auction that will be held at an annual event that benefits the school. No pressure here... THEN I have to go ask parents for contributions. I'm not really a fundraising type of person. I mean, didn't I just say, I talk to myself (I mean think to myself) more than I do other people? I may supply the whole "basket" myself and be done with it. I need ideas... what kind of basket would you bid big bucks on in a silent auction? They already have a movie night, and a game night. Hmmmm....

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