Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Thursday, August 25, 2011

10 Minutes of Peace??

Thank you Sunny Dee for my Versatility Award!!! I have no idea how claim it right now :)

I'm using this time, hopefully at least 10 minutes to post! The wife took the girl out for a drive. Bless her heart, I hope they come back in one piece. You see, the girl just finished drivers ed, and every day we hear "Will you take me driving?" "Can I drive home?" She's literally making us nuts, because we have no desire to take her driving. The girl can't drive... she over turns the steering wheel no matter how many times she gets behind the wheel. Do you remember pretending to drive as a little kid? You would grab something round and turn it back and forth really fast and make the vroom vroom sound? That's the girl with the wheel of the car! Add that to the fact that she doesn't know the meaning of the words "slow down." It's scary as all hell. I'm proud of myself though. I don't say anything... I don't panic. My hands start to sweat though, and I've realized my car doesn't have the "oh sh*t" handle... I guess because it's a convertible. S-C-A-R-Y!!

There has been no peace in our home this week. There have been appointments, we had a friend visit and stay a few days, we lost power for 5 hours last night due to a blown transformer, I've been trying to find affordable give-aways for when I get out to market our business, and I've been trying to get the house sparkly shiny for the in-law visit. All of this while also trying to keep up with my workouts and diet. Diet is an ugly, ugly word, by the way. Seriously... dieting is why my stomach is so screwed up, yet I continue to do it. Watching calories, watching fat, watching carbs, watching sodium. Sodium is a big one, by the way!

My moment of peace came and went, because I stopped writing to go sit outside for a bit. I love listening to the water... it's not quite cool enough to really enjoy the great outdoors just yet, but I like to go out occasionally. I'm trying to find little pockets of time to center myself. I was trying to use last night's drive to get the boy from chess for centering time. I've traded out my satellite radio in my car for Pandora because I can almost pick my songs. I enter my artist name and if the song I want to hear isn't old, it usually pops right up. Last night, my song was old, so I listened to several other songs before mine finally started playing. Keep in mind that Pandora plays over my phone, which I have plugged into my car adapter. My song finally comes on and my damn phone starts dinging with freakin' text messages... boom, boom, boom, one right after the other. I never get messages anymore!! I'm trying to close them out as fast as they're coming so I can just listen to my song... but noooo... there are more! They were from my daughter's drill team coach. Something about goody bags for the girls, and all of this rah, rah, rah crap. Her many messages finally stream through, when the boy then decides to message "Where r u?" Really?!?! I'm sitting in front of the building trying to listen to my sonnnng!! Can you NOT hear me out here?

Okay, fit over. Yes, I was frustrated. Call it PMS, call it crankiness, or call it something else entirely...
Needless to say, I signed up for goody bags. I also signed up to be a room mom for middle school. There will be 3 of us. I'm so NOT excited about this. Ten years ago, I swore I would never be involved in this capacity again. Those PTA moms are quite unpleasant. Fake... bleh. Yet here I am. A room mom... seriously, I thought those days were over when I became a certified teacher. Oh and the emails... I can't tell you all of the dates I have to keep up with for the goings on at this school. Breakfasts in teachers' rooms, special order lunches, volunteer meetings, because guess what? I'm one of those. I'm ranting now.

Here's the song I waited to hear. It's x-rated and there is nothing peaceful about it, so if you're sitting quietly and enjoying your peace, don't listen to this. It's a great workout song though. I have an amazing playlist of raunchy, loud music that helps me though my workouts! I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!


Velvet_Heaven said...

Congrats on the award!!!
Now if only there was a Versatile Mommy Award... :)

I'm sure this is the "storm before the calm" but whenever possible I hope you can at least take a few seconds to close your eyes, take a deep breath and let it out slowly. That's usually a good mini-recharge for me.

And I LOVE the song choice! Even if it isn't a "peaceful" song, at least listening to it relaxes me. It gets me moving, even if its just dancing in the shower or around my place as i get ready or what have you!

Rob-bear said...

May you finally get to enjoy some peace. Even at 3:00 a.m., perhaps.

Aeria said...

Just wanted to leave a note- I am really enjoying reading your blog- all the comings/goings/craziness.

I had hoped with kids now in school that I would have a few moments to myself, but no such luck- your schedule sounds eerily like my own. PTA moms... ugh, yup.

Hang in there. :)