Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

5 Minutes

I've given myself only 5 minutes to write a post. Not a lot of time, I know, which means I won't be able to say all I want or need to say. I suppose had I not caught up with other blogs, and had gone straight to writing my own, I would have had more time, but that's kind of like talking about yourself all the time, and not listening to others. Wow, that was a long sentence!

I've been reading the blog Absolutely Narcissism, and her last post was an interview she did with a fellow blogger and author. I loved it... it had so many great tips, which I will dig into more thoroughly when I have the kids off to school ALL DAY LONG. The kids haven't been to an all day school in two years. One of the reason we moved from the beautiful city of Dallas was because the school system there is terrible. We looked into a bunch of suburbs surrounding the greater Dallas area, finally finding the house of our nightmares dreams. Don't get me wrong, we love our beautiful home, but we're ready for the problems to settle. For a 12 year old home it has had some pretty major issues... I guess thats called lake living right there---spoken in an extremely "hick" accent. 

Anyway, back to school... So we move here and WOW! What a wonderful public school system our little town has! Do our kids end up in it though? No, they do not. They are right back in a private school. We were only going to send the boy to private school to keep his little head fully engaged because it's so darn smart, but the girl ended up liking it when I took them to observe classes one day. My efforts to teach her a lesson about teasing her brother for having to go observe, totally backfired on me. She came through that office door all breezy and refreshed, saying "I LOVE this school!" What? I thought you wanted to go to a public school?!?! You can't send one to private and the other to public if they both want the same thing. That would have made a great book writing opportunity for the girl, but I was not willing to be a main character in Mommy Dearest 2. So, they both start school tomorrow, thank goodness. 

As for me, I'm floundering in nowhere land. That's how it feels anyway. I'm not teaching this year, and the plan was to get our business off the ground, but the wife doesn't seem to be fully engaged in this. It's really hard to watch the business similar to what I want, grow. I'm happy for them, but I so wanted this. If I was really honest with myself my first dream business was a little bookstore. I would love to bury myself in a cute little bookstore that featured local authors, had a little coffee bar, and fireplace, and tons of books, old and new all over the place. The sad reality of that is, these huge bookstores put the little ones out of business. That was movie... remember? With Tom Hanks... 

My next dream business is what we've been trying to pull together. I think after our visit to Alabama I was spurred on even more, and the wife was put off. I loved this woman's set up. I wanted all of her ideas. I wanted to come back and get started right away. I want the 24/7... it would be mine... 24/7 wouldn't bother me. The wife has already been there/done that though. So, now what? I have to do something. Mainly because the mother-in-law keeps asking and the wife has apparently told her I would be doing something... and then because I like to shop and don't want to feel guilty when I head out the door just to go buy something. I'm so close to throwing in the towel and going back to school... I could be done by the time I'm 46... what do you think? A Masters in OT or Occupational Therapy... Or I could write my crazy mother book. One of the tips from the blog I mentioned earlier was don't be afraid to write about controversial issues. My Crazy Mother book would be just that. People would say I was exploiting the mentally ill. I would do it in the most loving manner...hmmm. 

You know what... I am thankful I have options. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful day. It is now time for me to go get ready to meet the kids' teachers. Fun!!!!  

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The Bipolar Diva said...

yea for going back to school! So am I!