Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I was thinking...

Then nothing came...

My view while attempting to write

Does everyone do a "Wordless Wednesday" kind of thing when they blog? That wouldn't work for me. I'm usually full of words. Not tonight around 8 though. The wife went to play tennis, I had just  finished cleaning up after dinner, the kids were doing who knows what, and I had nothing to do but to wait for our guest to arrive, and well, write of course! But then I couldn't think. I had all of this stuff in my head, and I lost it. So I stared out the window... I thought, oohh, I'll take a picture! I love to see other's writing spaces... why not show mine?!?! I loaded it, then I loaded other pictures, next I IM'd a friend on FB... suddenly the doorbell rang. Barking dogs, chaos, happy hugs to see our friend, a house tour, a walk to the club to meet up with the wife, a few drinks, and here I am, attempting to write something... AGAIN. Why am I doing this tonight? Because I know I won't tomorrow. I've tried these past few days, but no luck. Things have been crazy busy, and I refuse to give up my workouts. The workouts are for my mental health as well as my physical health. I can't wait to run again... but anyone running in this heat is nuts!

So the problem with trying to write at night, when I'm tired, and a tiny bit tipsy, is that I can't organize my thoughts enough to write a damn thing that makes sense. I'll apologize now. If it helps, I often think about what I'm going blog. I'll hear a song, or see something, or hear something. It's the thought I guess. I'll pull it together enough to blog at some point tomorrow. We shall see... until then, I'll leave you with a song. I can actually sing this song, and have sung it in the past. I'm sure Lucinda Williams was singing about lost love or romance in this song, but when I sing it, I'm thinking about my mind... I've lost it!

::I think I lost it, lemme know if you come across it... ::


The Bipolar Diva said...

I have nothing to write either, but I really want to write something. Maybe I'll jabber secrets on my other blog, or maybe just fill up time. Love your view!

Sunny Dee said...

I have some inspiration for you! I gave you an award! You are now a Versatile Blogger. :) Check out the post to pick up your badge.

Rob-bear said...

To start at the end: I've found several pieces of your mind here. I could return them, or keep them (in a safe location in case you lose your mind again; sorta like something backed up on a computer).
If ya can't write, ya can't write. So quit flogging a dead horse. Just put a few notes in your paper-and-pencil blog-thoughts journal; save them for "future reference."
And you're right; in many cases, workouts are far more important than writing.
But, yeah, at the end of the line; I sometimes get really frustrated when I want to write, and the words won't come. And I'm a "professional writer." Ho ho; he he; ha ha — said ironically.