Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First Day of School

Ahhh, it has come! The children have been dropped, I've worked out, and I've eaten my high protein breakfast.

Yesterday the boy announced that he wants to go to a public school. Really?!!?! After ALL of this?  I'm not sure what exactly brought that on except maybe nerves and the fact that the public schools don't start their new year until this coming Monday. ::sigh:: He did okay... got up, put his uniform on, came down for breakfast, loaded up ALL of his school supplies, and stared out of the backseat window until I dropped them off. The girl was fine... she's been doing drill team activities with the school and has already met some girls. I'm not sure she has befriended them, but the girl doesn't care about having friends.

This is going to have to be another short one... I have a load of laundry in, the wife needs help moving something around, and I have to get ready for sweet baby boy to come over. We're watching him while his mom goes to get her hair done. I can't wait!

1st day of her senior year!

A forced smile... Callie wonders why we are all up and moving so early!


Rob-bear said...

Start of school already? Good grief! We're not back for another two weeks, I think. But then, I'm not sure, nor do I need to be. Our son home-schools his two children, so I have no real contact with the school systems (Public or Roman Catholic).

Delightful looking children, like their mom. And I'm sure so truly well-behaved.

Just Two Chicks said...

Thank you, and they're fairly well behaved :)

Gabrielle said...

Where did summer go???? I tried figuring that out but changed my mind and decided to just accept the fact that school IS here.

I think you might enjoy my Back to School pizza recipe so here's the link: