Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Friday, March 16, 2012

Freaky Friday Feelings

When I was a school teacher every day had a special name. I taught kindergarteners for goodness sake, every day was a special treat, and we treated it just so.

Magnificent Monday-they learned a big word, and even used it for other things!
Terrific Tuesday, Wonderful Wednesday-all positives, because when you're a little kid, life is like that. At least it should be.
Thinking Thursday-they learned what it was to really think. We even made thinking caps. AND... drum roll please...
Fantastic, Fabulous Friday- I know... not Freaky Friday, as in my blog title, or the movie, but I'm not teaching anymore, so freaky it is.

I've stayed true to myself these past few days, and I'll admit it's been a struggle. It feels ridiculous to me, that it's a struggle to do the things I need to do, but yesterday, I had a helper. If I weren't honest, I'd say I was left with the task of entertaining the housekeepers 8 year old, but that's not the case. He truly entertained me. He talks ALL the time... non-stop, about everything. So he and I had some long discussions about dogs, video games, and school. He went with me on my walk, and this time I took all three dogs, with Talulah in a doggie pack. We walked to the boat docks, I showed him our boat, and we looked at all of the beautiful sail boats. Have I mentioned how much I love the sound of sailboats in the wind? Then we walked to the small beach, and decided it needed some cleaning up. There were a TON of tennis balls on it, I guess from people taking their dogs down there and throwing the balls in the water for their dogs to fetch.

Later yesterday, we met friends at our neighborhood restaurant, for karaoke night. This time we sang "I Will Survive." Much better than Love Shack, and so fitting (in the survival sense, not the cheating love sense). I love the girls we met, and tonight, we're all meeting again to go to a Country Western place. DO I even capitalize that? I don't know. I was once a Fort Worth girl, and I can honestly say, I've never set foot in a western bar. This will be a little different, because some are taking their teens (our teens are with their dad), but I'm a little nervous anyway. So nervous, I'm going to buy some boots. I know... any reason to shop. I am getting better... shopping was once therapy for me. I'd feel down, I'd go shopping. If that were the case right now, my closet would be bursting with clothes and shoes. Let's just consider that progress!!!

I hope you all enjoy your Friday!! 

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Rob-bear said...

My Friday went fairly well. We got lots of errands done. One of which was to get a new iPad, since my older laptop has effectively died.

Sounds like you had an interesting day. Hope the evening was fun, too!'