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Just Two Chicks!


Saturday, March 17, 2012

If You're Irish and You Know it....

Have a drink...

Those of you who know my name must know I have an Irish side... it comes from my dad though, and since I never really knew my dad, I'm quite removed from any Irish roots I may possess. My mother's roots are American Indian in origin, and I can honestly say I'm more in touch with those roots, because the wife and I spend quite a bit of time in Choctaw... the casino that is. I do so love Choctaw. I wonder if I can talk the wife into going tonight. ::sigh:: Probably not... with it being St. Paddy's Day, they will more than likely be packed. Plus I'm pretty sure my lungs have the appearance of a full-time smoker due to the second hand smoke I inhale in that place. I still love it. Especially when...

I win!! This was a 5.00 slot that I had 2 credits in... OH yeah! 

Now granted, this was almost as soon we got there, so the wife and gambled it away. It was fun though.

Not being in touch with my Irish roots makes me a little less inclined to drink the day away, and I have to say, being raised in the Catholic Church, in England for a number of years, I really don't need a special day to drink. Life in England...West Derby Village... revolved around that church, and the pub that was attached to it. That's just what they did... it wasn't/isn't alcoholism there, it's a way of life.

I remember walking from our home to the church... my school was on the back of the church, then there was a rec hall that separated the pub from the school and church. I wonder if it's still a quaint village. It looks like there are more cars now. This picture is from Google Images. 

We lived in one of these, right around the corner from the village square.. This picture is also from Google Images.
Anyway... enough visiting my past for one day, and enough discussion about drinking. The fact of the matter is, drinking yourself into oblivion is fine once in a while, but liquor dehydrates, thereby causing your skin to wrinkle... it ages you. So don't indulge too much, or you'll look old. It also slows your metabolism... and kills your liver. SO you'll be old, fat, and in the hospital. Not a good way to spend your days. That's all I'm saying. Now have fun drinking!

Anyway... here are some pictures of things that have made me happy this week!!

My Talulah ready for her walk in her doggie pack. Love this baby so much!!

Talulah and Cam have a bad habit of taking showers with me. We have a big walk in shower, and they... walk in. 
My Crazy Cam after his excursion into the depths of the shower. :)

Last night we were invited to go to a Country Western bar/restaurant. I've never been to one before, and I grew up in the heart of it... Cowtown, otherwise known as Fort Worth. Just to let you know, we aren't like they portray us on television. We don't all walk around in our boots, bling, and with big hair. We don't all own a horse... Hell, I'm very allergic to horses. We don't all have that southern twang, although I've really developed one this past year... my English roots are withering!!!

Anyway... I didn't have what I felt was the appropriate gear for a night out in a western bar...
These are my shoe-boots that I love to wear. They're cute and comfy... a plus. AND black goes with all.

So a friend of mine took me to a western store and helped me pick stuff out!

My new boots! Pretty, brown, and go with anything... next I'll get black! The jeans... I just needed bigger than what I had  :( But it's okay... because I know I'd look skeletal/boobless if I tried to fit into the ones I've been hoarding like a fool.

My 5's... ::sigh:: I think it's time to let them go. I actually discovered a third pair when I went to put these back. 
Okay... the next picture, I don't like how I look in it. I am so NOT photogenic. That picture of me to the upper right of your screen, is how I look all the time, and I'm happy with that. It was also a total fluke that it turned out acceptable to me, because I was just playing with my webcam. So, I cling to that picture...LOL  

The one coming up is of me on the bull. I wanted to ride that damn thing, but I watched others ride it, and knew it wouldn't be good for my lower back. The guy offered me a senior citizen bull ride, but I respectfully declined out of embarrassment. My friend's son shoved me over the top of that thing, and gave me his hat... love that boy! 

Giddy up! Or is that what they say on horses?

Last but not least... I just took this picture. The wife was holding Callie May, but just know I love that baby too. She's just not always with me like these two!! 

Cam and Talulah waiting patiently while I blog!!
Okay... time for me to go menu plan. Details to follow... 

I hope everyone has a very safe and happy day today!!

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Rob-bear said...

Here and I thought you were the gal from whom we'd get no bull. So, I was wrong.

At least you've got some decent clothes for going out. A girl, I'm told, needs these things. Good for you!

I'm a bit confused. If you're taking the pooch for a walk, why do you need a doggy pack? Why not just walk?

Irish in England. Hmmmm. Sounds "interesting."

Blessings and Bear hugs to all.