Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Yesterday's Post...

No... I didn't post anything yesterday, because all it would have been is this...

"No, no, no, no, no! " Oh and this... ###### <----- that's me stomping.

It also would have been "Whhhhy????" Stated emphatically.

I was frustrated, irritated, and, let's face it... depressed. I hate the word, but it's true, and I'm going to have to do something about it.

Of course all of this was within my own little head... nothing surface. I didn't want to stress the wife. Her symptom flare ups have been a bit more frequent lately, and stress adds to it.

My first line of defense is getting back to exercising regularly, and eating right. I fell off the wagon, lost all motivation to do anything, and it's all been downhill for about 3 weeks now. It sucks!

I ran into a friend at the store (small town), and she said "I can tell you're struggling." GREAT! Then she says I need to do something for me. She then proceeds to remind me that I quit my job, and don't have anything now. Oh MY God... I came home ready to throw myself in the lake. Like I said, I'd swim, but still.

So, I didn't snap yesterday... I went for a walk instead, and because I don't like being alone, I took Tallulah. My little 3 pound baby was a trooper on that 3 mile escapade. Of course I carried her off and on, but she gave me someone to talk to so I wouldn't look crazy. Today, I'm going to take Cam for the walk... I can no longer take all three, because poor Tallulah gets dragged along.

So there you go...

I better get going. I have a lunch date with my happy friend... no, she really is happy, and she's sweet!! I used to be that way!!!  ;p

Have a great Tuesday!!


Rob-bear said...

Oh, dear. Been there; done that; have the scars.
Glad you went for a walk. (I'd take Miss Sadie walking, too, but she doesn't live here any more.)

Exercise and good eating — great for dealing with depression. And physical pain, which often comes with depression.

Blessings and Bear hugs, to you, the wife, the childs, and the dogs.

Chrissy said...

Love the words of encouragement from your "friend" at the store! People have the best of intentions but sometimes their execution falls short.

I know what you're going through so I won't say "chin up" or "this too will pass".

I'm an email away if you need me. :-)

Anita said...

Keep writing, walking, loving, and talking. You'll figure it out. :)