Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Friday, March 30, 2012

Out of my element?

Meaning I'm out in the real world today. The wife and I had to head out early in order to beat traffic. Her tennis match is now in progress, and they seem to be losing. This could very well mean a bad mood later in the day.(I was looking at it wrong... they won!!) 

The good news is that I didn't need to take a Xanax today! I suppose we left soon enough that my levels of stress hadn't yet peaked, and as long as I'm free to roam a bit, I can work my way through anything after I've hit land. 

So, here I sit. I know I could never play anything competitive at this point in my life, due to my panicky issues, which is a little frustrating. I do love hitting the ball with the machine at home though. I also love going to the batting cages, and let's not forget running. Notice none of these things require other people. 

The wife says this is because I don't really like people, and for the most part she's right (but would still love people to do these things with). I start off liking people, but most of them pretty much ruin that first impression as soon as they open their mouths. People just aren't nice... 

I'm seeing this today as I watch the country club women roam through the courts. The way they interact with each other is so fake. Right now, it seems to be getting ugly on the court to my left. I guess the fake positivity fades the more tired they get. I think the wife's team members will deserve drinks after this. Wow...

The offer we made on the building was accepted. Now we have to get through the inspection, and the wife's stress over all of it. If she decides to back out, I'll totally support her decision, because in all honesty, this is a huge undertaking, and I'm scared of failure for many reasons.

As far as adoption, we're having second thoughts. We have 4 more years of private school for one child, then college. He'll need a car, the girl needs a car now, and she will be going to college this Fall. The wife is meeting with a financial advisor, as it has been determined, that after taxes,the full amount of her retirement will equal a tiny bit over half of what she sold her company for. We broke that down to a per year basis, and if we die in our 60's we should be great. So, this being said... We like our freedom, we like our current financial comfort, and we need to do something that will keep us from dipping into any more of this money. Unfortunately adopting isn't it. 

As far as that left tennis court... One of the women they're playing is yet another reason why I couldn't play. I'd so be all over that "higher than thou" attitude. Yep... People need to learn to play nice!! 

My last update: I'm only just posting this because I apparently had some updating to do from my iPad. SO... After tennis, we went out for food and margaritas. Ugh... 2 margaritas later, and I was three sheets to the wind. I'm working on my recovery right now. I guess the wife and I reason this daytime drinking out, by reminding ourselves that this freedom will soon end. Well, for me anyway. She'll still be playing tennis... Hmmm. Not sure how I'll handle having her out drinking while I'm working. Oh well, one thing at a time!! 

LAST for sure ;) SO I tried posting this again last night after my updates, and nothing worked. I may have to reload my blogpress app. I finally emailed it to myself so I can post it from my computer. 

Today, I did a great thing. Care to guess? You really don't, because I'm being sarcastic. The "great thing" is that I made myself get up early, even though I didn't have to. It's my way of compensating for yesterday's irresponsible behavior of daytime drinking. I'm not sure I could ever adjust to that type of life style, even though, it's the norm around here. 

So, now I'm off to get my household chores done, and then I get to have my hair done. My hair dresser had some free time today, so she want's to put the extension clips in again, and play with it a bit more. I'm fine with that. I like girly hair and nails days. Well, except pedicures. I don't like that. I really don't like feet at all. 

The wife doesn't understand why I'm wasting my time having this done today... this is where she needs to step up and think about maybe us having a date after we drop the kids in Fort Worth. Seriously... wish me luck in that arena. I think she may consider the things we've been doing with our friends "dates." I guess I'm becoming a high maintenance girl, expecting a little more now and then. 

Most of you might be thinking I should be the one to take her on the date. Yeah, that doesn't work. I love to do all kinds of things. The wife is very particular. She doesn't like to do half of the things I find enjoyable, so I figure since I'm a bit easier going, she needs to be the one to take us somewhere. That's fair, because hopefully her choice would be something she would like doing! 

Have a great Friday everyone, and if you have access, you really need to play that huge lottery!! If you do, and you win, please remember your old blogging friend here on Alcatraz. ALL I want is enough money to get our business totally set up the way I've always pictured it!! 

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Rob-bear said...

Daytime drinks and tennis aside, sounds like a major move is in order. You, working.

Hope the rest of the project falls into place!

Blessings and Bear hugs!