Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Friday, March 2, 2012

You see, this is what happens...

Dysfunctional Conversations:

1. The other night, the wife and I were driving home from who knows where... It was pretty late, maybe 2 in the morning? Anyway... the reason I'm stressing the time is because as we rounded the corner near the Harbor District in town, we saw a group of kids (late teens) walking down the road. One guy with a backpack on, and three girls walking behind him, all dressed decently. No one else was out... cars or people. It was weird. I told the wife that was strange and she said, "No not really, because they were ghosts." I gave her a look, then told her to turn back around, and lets go see. She didn't want to because she said she was tired. I said "C'mon, you drive the car through them, then you're right! You end up running them over, then I guess you're still right, because if they weren't ghosts to begin with, they sure would be afterward!" She looked at me as we sat at the stop light, and didn't say anything for a minute, then she says "Blog that sh*t why don't you!" SO there ya' go! ;o)

2. I was b*tching about the healthcare issues and politics. The wife is very Conservative, and I'm pretty good about seeing both sides of things, which has made the upcoming elections a source of great stress for me. This time I was saying that I can't believe companies would be allowed to choose what they want to cover, as far as insurance goes, based on moral beliefs. Contraception is the big topic up for grabs right now, and here's what I see: People can't get birth control because they don't have money for extras like that. People are not going to stop having sex. They like it, it feels good, and it's something to do when you're poor and bored. SO, no money for birth control, lotsa' sex, a booming population with no money to feed or support itself, the government is already in debt... oh, wait... let's not forget that Planned Parenthood, an organization that provides free contraceptives, and educational materials, is losing funding... AND the Government is in DEBT! Did I already say that? It can't handle a sudden surge in population, and because the education system sucks, and is overcrowded already, the population will not ever learn to take care of itself! Third world country much? So here I am... b*tching away about all of this, not letting the wife get a word in, until I am done. DO you know what she says to me?? "Well, honey, these are the end of times." Way to shut me up... now I'll have nightmares.

3. I don't know why these things always happen to me, but they do. Today, after getting my nails done, I headed out in search of lunch for the wife and I. She wasn't feeling well, so I knew fast food wasn't the answer. I found a place that's kind of in between restaurant food, and fast food, that they just built here on Alcatraz. I was also excited it was fairly easy to get in and out of. I parked, and ran in. There was a woman coming out of the order line, when she looked at me and said "Woohoo, you're a Christian!!" I was a little taken aback by her exuberance while also wondering what the Hell. I felt around my neckline wondering if my it was my necklace she was seeing, that had her so excited... finally I said, "YES, and I got my nails done too!" Yeah, I'm serious, I said that. I mean, what does one say when confronted in such a way? It was a major switch from the snake heads (previous post) I've been running into. I've gotta hand it to her, she kept smiling, as I moved into line, and placed my order. After I ordered my food, I was standing there still thinking about that strange interaction when I started my whole self conscious clothes tugging. While I was doing this I realized something...
I had on a long sleeve Kansas State University top. Ahhhhh, she wasn't saying "You're a Christian!" She was probably saying something along the lines of "Woohoo, you're a KState fan!!" I dunno., I felt pretty stupid, but chasing her down to explain my inability to hear, or understand, seemed a bit like chasing your dog down after you've accidentally stepped on them, to "apologize," not realizing that chasing them is probably scaring them more! If I were a fan, I may have known immediately what she was saying. We just have these shirts because the wife's brother-in-law is a fan, and we went to a game the last time we were in Kansas. I threw it on because it matched the purple in my work-out shorts, and it had gotten a bit chilly out. Oops...

Okay... that's it for tonight. Cam is barking like a fool at Tallulah, and I've got a busy day tomorrow. I'm getting my hair done, and we're going to a huge fundraising event in the evening, that will hopefully be a ton of fun!! I'll make it fun, that's for sure!! 


Rob-bear said...

My goodness; you have "interesting" experiences. Ghosts, health care and sex, and peculiar perceptions by other.

All in a day's life you say. Only in America.

Chrissy said...

I SO want to know if they were ghosts! Next time, you have to promise me that you'll turn around.