Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Saturday, March 24, 2012

So much, so scattered

It amazes me that when I have nothing to say, I manage to blog every single day, yet when I have tons to say, I can't even get it written. I literally sit here and stare at the screen. You guys hear (read) me say, "It's my ADD," and I'm serious. It is! When my head is this busy with things, I can't get it organized enough to write it.

This has been a scary thing for me these past few days... my ADD I mean. I've been thinking about the impact it will have on my productivity if, and when, we get this gym up and running. I haven't really talked a lot about my business idea, my passion, here in this blog, but I've discussed it with quite a few of you in emails, and as you all know, this isn't something I can make successful with a scattered mind. 

My biggest weakness when teaching was paperwork. I hated it. I was a super-duper, excellent teacher, but when it came time for report cards, I was a mess, trying to gather all of their papers, and grades, and ... ::sigh:: I still have bad dreams about it. It's strange, because when I ran the loan department in our small bank, I was Wonder Woman! In the Special ed classroom, it was easy to do, because they each had their own plans, which we kept track of on a daily basis, not to mention the fact that there were up to six kids with two teachers. 

Anyway... the reason I've been thinking about all of this is because the wife made an offer on a building for the gym. Granted we haven't gotten an answer yet, and Mr. Big small-town guy might not accept it. This building, in it's current condition isn't worth more than her offer, especially when the difference in money will come when we begin fixing it. The land may be worth something, but I know the vacant lot next door, has been for sale for years. Who knows. If he doesn't accept it, it wasn't meant to be. I'm handling this in a fairly relaxed manner, mainly because we may still have the option of working with the kids' school. They haven't really made an effort to move ahead with things, so we aren't sure. The wife figures, if they wanted a gym, they would get her the plans so we could get bids. 

Now for something I haven't talked about at all:

The other day I was reading a blog I follow through my gym blog. There was a link on the side I was absolutely curious about, so I clicked it (I never do that). The link took me to an international adoption site for children with Downs Syndrome. The wife and I can't adopt internationally, because they wont do same sex adoptions (which is really sad because the older children are sitting in institutions), so I went to a national link. We have discussed this in the past, but have never gone quite to far as to actually contact someone. So, we may look into this further. Right now, we're considering our age, our freedom (which we have way too much of and don't do a thing with it), and the care a child with Downs would need as an adult after we have passed away. In other words, there's a lot to consider, but this is something we would both love to do. 

I better get going... I'm working hard to stick with my exercise routine! Then I'll soak up some sun before we head to a friend's 50th party. 


Anita said...

Adoption! Wow! What a heart you two have.

Best wishes with the gym. You can do it!

Chrissy said...

Oh my gosh, I've been away too long! Good luck with your bid on the building. That's awesome.

As you know, I don't have kids and I think about how I do like my freedom but I really don't do anything either! Tell you what, you adopt first... :-)