Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Future is Now...

Everyone here knows how "addicted" I am to Facebook. Meaning I am always connected, either by laptop, iPad, or phone. It keeps me "close" to people I truly care about, and has played a huge role in the formation of new friendships with people from afar... like you guys!

What amazes me about Facebook, is that for me, especially lately, it has given new meaning to the phrase "What a small world!" I am amazed at the connections between friends (I'm not talking about the ones here in town, though that was pretty amazing too!). I come from a very different world, as compared to what I'm living in today, yet my friends are connected all across the board through one person or another. 5 degrees of separation indeed.

Through Facebook, I've been keeping up with old friends from high school. That was really the whole reason I signed up to begin with. We were all on classmates.com, but since we had to pay for that, a majority of us switched after our last reunion. I'm intrigued with the turns most of our lives have taken. We've been through divorce, suffered loss, illness, had kids, remained childless, come out of the closet. Some of us are lonely, some of us aren't, some of us are struggling with depression, anxiety, body image issues (Hell, I seem to have ALL of these!!), but one friend in particular, saddens me.

When we were in high school, she seemed to have it all. Sisters (I really wanted a sister or brother), she was a cheerleader, very cute, smart, happy... she had a bright future ahead of her. Something went wrong along the way though. I know from our last reunion, that she had gotten into drugs, because she was hyped up like nothing I've seen before, with a man old enough to be her father, although very handsome and successful looking. From that night, to where we are now, something went incredibly wrong. She had a kid, lost the kid to whoever the dad was, lives in a warehouse in Dallas, which she also uses to have parties that she charges people to get into, she's been in car accidents, has lost limbs due to them... I don't get it. It's sad, and I hate this for her. I hate what drugs do to people. She should have that wonderful life that she was destined for.

Then I have another friend, who I had no idea suffered the same childhood as I did. It's amazing to me, the things we hide as teens because we're embarrassed, and don't quite understand that others could very well be suffering through the same things. We aren't close friends now though... her childhood turned her into a religious freak, and mine turned me into a umm... well, just a freak!!

Anyway... these are my self-reflections for the day. I really need to get to making my grocery list, as I should have done all of that yesterday. I fell hard again, and all that ever goes through my head when I get like that is a little sing-song "All of these days, are just like the other..." I'm not really sure why the wife and I have a hard time coming up with things to do together, just us, but lately that's the case. It's not that we don't enjoy being with each other... both of us are just in a horrible rut (separate from our relationship), that kind of stagnates us.

So while I'm feeling half way decent, I'm going to get this done and work like Hell to stay up. I mean, c'mon, people used to call me Mary Poppins. I know, she was way too chipper, but to go from that to where I am now, is a little disturbing. I'm just saying!!

Now go take your spoonful of sugar!!

Because THIS...

Equals THIS!!!

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