Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Monday, January 30, 2012

All Natural?

This post was inspired by a blog I read and love called Absolutely Narcissism, and her post about fast food chicken nuggets as compared to the chemicals in our deodorants and cleaning supplies, though my actions leading up to the event I'm about to tell you about, were inspired by another blog, New Mom ..... New Cancer .

I've been reading New Mom ..... New Cancer, for quite some time. Her journey has been long and difficult. She was a new mom, battling cancer, only to find out her new baby had cancer as well. Her sweet baby didn't make it, but thankfully she is in remission. Her mission, as of late, has been to cleanse her home of chemicals. As I've been reading her posts, I too have been cleansing my home of chemicals, the cleaners and such. Our housekeeper hasn't said a thing, but I know she'll eventually leave me a note to "buy her some damn Windex!" 

Part of my cleansing ritual included buying an all natural deodorant. 

Don't get me wrong, it does it's job, but I don't like feeling the sweat when I'm clean and shiny!
Well, it was Friday night, and we were getting ready to head out to the kids' basketball game, then dinner, then drinks with friends. A full night, and I was so freakin' excited to just DO something!! I did my "getting ready" routine, which includes putting about four different outfits on before settling on one. While I was finishing up the "process," I started to sweat a little. I can sweat, I'm not a big baby. I like to sweat... during workouts and other  physically demanding activities, that is. I didn't want to sweat the whole night though, and my Secret was gone. All I had was my Toms all natural, no aluminum... Ugh! I decided I would go ahead and use the wife's deodorant on top of the Toms.

30 minutes later, we were still waiting for the girl to get ready, and her friends to arrive so we could all leave for the game. I was sitting on the couch, sweating! I told the wife we needed to hurry and go because I had to go to the store on the way out. Of course she was not having any of that. "We do not need to go to the store... you'll be fine. Go use my deodorant." I told her I already did that, and that her deodorant had a scent to it, which I could really smell when sweating (powdery, bleh!) and started freaking out... "Ugh, this feels gross! It doesn't stink, but..." "Oh yes," the wife interrupted, "We can smell you from here!" She was joking of course, but that didn't calm the little OCD fit I was having over the feeling of sweat under my arms. The fit wasn't helping the sweaty situation either. I couldn't take it, and stalked off to the bathroom. The wife  was calling behind me "Just get a towel and dry yourself... put more perfume on... maybe another shirt!" Pfffft! I found my old bottle of toxic deodorant, and dug out the remnants of what was left. Luckily it was enough to get me through the evening... here is the result of going all natural without the willingness to sweat it out. 


Kelli Hale said...

I was worried about giving up my chemical laced deodorant too, but the stuff I've found works really well actually, and it keeps me DRY too. :) You can find it here if you want to give it a try. www.lushusa.com I'm using the Te'do, but none of their products have been a disappointment. They're all natural, and a lot of them are Vegan. It's a bit pricey, but they last forever, and the shipping is awesome! Anyway... I will stop shamelessly promoting my Lush products on your blog now... lol

Rob-bear said...

Sometimes, when something works well, the appropriate thing to do is simply to be thankful. And not mess around.

Glad you survived the misadventure.