Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Monday, January 9, 2012

Menopause - Could it be?

I know, I know... who wants to read about this stuff?! I mean, some of you have been through it, some of you are experiencing it, and would LOVE to forget about it for a few minutes at least, and some of you are so young, you're immune to the fact that you will ever experience it!

Last night, we were on our way home from getting the kids from their dad's house when it hit. Well, other things hit first. I have to say to one of my blogger friends, that from the day she sent me an email with a hilarious, but frightening story, I've been having panic attacks while I'm out running errands, or doing what ever it is I do away from home. That really messed me up (LOL)!!

Anyway, on to the revelation:

The wife reaches over to poke my arm while she's driving. I suppose I was unusually quiet? I was thinking... Well, I do that ya' know. Sometimes...

Me: Um, let's not and say we did, okay?

Wife: Why? What's wrong? Do you have to go to the restroom (asked in an exasperated tone)?

Me: Yes, Ugh!! What is wrong with me?

Wife: You did this the other day! Why didn't you just go at the kids' dad's house?

Me: That's the problem, I didn't have to then!! I don't why I'm having these sudden, urgent needs. It's frustrating. Sudden urgent needs to pee, I'm either way too hot or way too cold, I can't think straight. I hurt all over, and when I woke up the other morning, every single joint crackled as I stretched. If I didn't know any better I'd think it was menopause.

Wife: Your mother did go through it at 40.

Me: Well, H*ll, there you have it.

So, I really think this has been the problem the past few days. The wife has been hot flashing for a few months now, and we've typically blamed her brain fuzz on the MS, but it could very well be menopausal, or a combination of both. I personally don't handle brain fuzz well. I'm already ADD/OCD (self diagnosed of course), and really don't need more interference. Plus, one of us needs to be thinking on our toes at all times.  As I've said in past posts, two women going through menopause at the same time could be dangerous.

Don't you feel sorry for these two? Especially the boy... hey, he's learning how to be empathetic toward women, right? 

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