Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Random Acts of Something

If you've never heard of the organization, Random Acts of Kindness, you should look into it. It was started soon after 9/11, and has grown into a nationwide (maybe world wide?) volunteer organization. The wife, kids, and I have done quite a bit of volunteering through them in nursing homes, food pantries, and homeless shelters. I found the local "chapter" if you will, through meetup.com. This site has literally hundreds of groups to "join" for various reasons. All you have to do is enter your state and town, to see what comes up. They have groups that provide volunteer opportunities, but there are also support groups, and social groups. I like it because aside from the volunteer opportunities, it has running groups, teacher groups, small business groups, and a local Auburn Fan Club which has watching parties. I also like that it states emphatically on each groups page "This is not a dating site." They do have singles mixers and such, and will say so if that's what you're looking for, but it's nice to go do things without worrying about others "sizing you up" so to speak. I mean, even though I'm not looking for anyone, I'm still self-conscious about how I look, and being sized up only makes me more aware of my appearance. Ya know?

I'm talking about this organization for all the wrong reasons today though. On my daily trip to Starbucks, I pulled in to park, but umm, ended up having to back up, because there was no way I was going to be able squeeze in. Why? Because a car was parked obstructively. On the side of the care was a banner that read "Random Acts of Kindness.... perform one today."  I don't know... parking like that doesn't seem kind to me, and it sure makes me want to perform unkind acts, like upping my insurance so I can ram into them a few times. I'm just sayin'. So the wife can say I have no self control all day long... I didn't ram that car.

We were out and about a few weeks ago when we saw a school bus parked on the side of the road. On it was a banner that read "Need Bus Drivers-apply at blah blah blah." I told the wife I should apply!! I mean, that would have me out early while she's sleeping, and a couple of hours in the afternoon (I was joking). She laughed... "What?!?! YOU driving a bus... first of all, you could never maneuver between cars in that thing, you can't even pull my car into the garage." She then adds "Plus I can see you chasing down cars that pass you while your stop sign is out, yelling to the kids, 'Buckle up, we're going after 'em!!' Some kid would still be hanging onto the door because they were in the process of getting off the bus when you rammed it into gear. " Now see, that comment implies I have no self control, and I do! I mean, I have my moments, she'll never let me live down. Like the time I went into the gas station to tell the two non-English speaking men, who parked at the only working gas pump, and proceeded to go in and "shop,", while I was waiting in line behind them, that they needed to move their truck. It was a courtesy call, at best. It was!!

She says she has to monitor me... that she worries for my safety. It was why we traded in my cute little Mini... loved that car. It was sturdy, safe, and it could make a u-turn in my drive-way. It was like a little go-kart that could hit over 100 mph quickly, and slow down just as quickly by simply removing your foot from the peddle. LOVED that car, but people, especially men in big trucks with silver balls hanging from the back bumper (not kidding), would ride my a**, no matter how fast I went. You want to talk about losing it. I didn't care who it was... so, we got rid of the Mini. I'm trying to work her for the new Mini crossover, but I don't think that's happening.

 Anyway... the Phentermine seems to be doing it's job for the wife, though yesterday, I was feeling a bit frustrated with it all. I read up on MS and Phentermine. Every single person who has been on this drug, and has MS, said it gave them the energy they've so greatly missed, because MS totally sucks the energy out of you. Well, the first day the wife took it, she was totally drugged. She was slurring, couldn't walk a straight line, and was very tired. For all I know, that could have been an MS episode, but since it came on the heels of her taking the medicine for the first time, we attributed it to that. Yesterday we split the pill in half... and guess what?!? She didn't sleep last night, AND she was up first thing this morning! I'm praying this will be a trend, but now I must go force her to eat, and take the pill. A whole one this time. Let's try this again!!

Have a great Thursday everyone!!

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Anita said...

That's probably a good suggestion that you pass on the school bus driver application. :)

Sounds like the year is starting out with a little drama, but not too much.

Best wishes to you and your family for 2012. Full steam ahead!