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Just Two Chicks!


Friday, January 6, 2012

Cleansing-NOT That Kind

It's about 10:30 here which means I'm getting a slow start. When I woke up this morning, I knew it was going to be a rough day... one of those "I hurt all over" days, and the only reason I'm posting it, is so I can keep track of the date. I'm supposed to keep a log of these instances for medicinal purposes. I'm not so much into medication, but lately some good pain meds, and xanax sound great... and ya' know, xanax could be a double bonus for me, because it also helps you sleep. Sleep can be a wonderful thing at times.

I have some choices... I can sit where I am, looking out at the water, and in front of my heater, because heat is a wonderful thing when I hurt, or I can be active. Being active doesn't necessarily take the pain away, but I'd rather think I'm hurting from overworked muscles, than well, whatever it is that's actually causing the all over ache. Make sense? You guys have to know by now, that I practice avoidance. You also have to know it doesn't really work, because I eventually get that avoidance bubble popped, and then things come spewing out of me, as they would a volcano that has had its cork popped. Yep... so my advice, do not practice avoidance.

On to cleansing... not body cleansing, but cleansing of things like old socks, and well, other undergarments. If it's one thing I try to keep us up to date on, it's having decent undergarments.

It's time to cleanse when:

You have things that date back to previous relationships with people whose names you can no longer remember (well, you may remember their names if you're dodging them in a Target Super Store).

You pull out a beautiful gray bra and get excited that you have a pair of matching underwear... oh wait, weren't those items once a snow white color?

Your mother recognizes those socks from your high school days.

You have holes in the most convenient spots, and though they sell panties like that, these were not "made" that way. They just aren't those kind of panties! Pffft.

So yeah, we did a cleansing yesterday. Fun!

I was doing a bit of Facebook stalking today. Yes, I am known for my Facebook stalking, meaning, the side bar always says things like so-and-so commented on another so-and-so's link, etc, etc. I always click on the link. Hey, I'm nosey, but I learn things too, and you know what... I know you can block people from seeing things on your page, by blocking that side bar info for yourself, but I don't care who see's what. I'm on a social networking site for crying out loud. If I want something for a select few people, then I'll set up a personal family/friend blog, that requires an invite. People are people, and I honestly love reading things like "I started my washing machine today, and then realized my cat was in the washer. NO worries though, he was okay, just a bit vacant afterward." I mean, c'mon, you can't just read this stuff anywhere! By the way, please don't try this at home. An animal could truly die, and these furry babies depend on us to love them, not hurt them.

Anyway, back to my Facebook stalking adventure...
I clicked on a link a friend of mine had commented on. This one...

I read the article... I read the comments underneath. I'm sorry, but I'm just going to be honest here. WHO doesn't want ALL of these things at times ("at times" being the key words)? Who? I love to be told I'm beautiful. I love to buy pretty things so I can look a certain way at times. I love the door being held open for me, and having help carrying things around. I love not having to deal with always choosing the place to eat, and being taken on a date. I want to feel pampered...

When the wife and I were dating, we took turns paying, because well, there are no roles here. She was the big money-maker, and I'm sure would have paid for everything, but it was important to me, to make her feel cared for and pampered as well. We take turns choosing places to eat, depending on our issues at the time (ex: how is my stomach feeling at that moment). I hold the door for her, she holds the door for me. My kids have been taught to hold the door for anyone in front of them who is coming in, or behind them, going out. I have to tell you, right before Christmas I stood in a mall doorway and held the door for several people, and not one said thank you (granted some were hurried, stressed out mothers, and no, I wasn't expecting anything, but I've been taught to say thank you, and was surprised). One teen boy even looked me directly in the eye, and continued to saunter out... I would kick my kids' butts if that were them, and was tempted to stick my foot out and trip him (another instance of self control I would like the wife to make note of). The other day I was going into a store, here in Hell, when a woman literally let the door slam in my face. It's like she hesitated for a second, trying to decide whether to hold it, then let it go. Why is it so hard to practice common courtesy? Human beings have no care in the world for each other. No one is being taught to keep an eye out for each other as a whole. This will be saved for another blog post though.

I get it, in a way I do. It shouldn't be all on the "man" to figure it out, and do everything, but a lot of it is simply common courtesy, and acts of kindness that should be done without thinking, on ALL sides. If someone is actually offended by a door being held open, or an offer to carry something, or an offer to pay for a meal, then perhaps that person needs to do some re-evaluating... figure out why they can't let someone perform a simple act without feeling they've been slighted.

Eh, I don't know... I think right now, I'm going to go make breakfast/brunch for the wife, then I'll run the hottest bath I can, pour some lavender epsom salts in, and try to soak this ache away, because even the heater isn't helping today. You need to remember, I'm 41... I shouldn't be feeling like this. SO frustrating!!


Anita said...

I skimmed the article - interesting. When I look back, I see that I've been a different woman at various times in my life. As a former latch-key child and a person comfortable with being alone, I became and I'm still very independent. I'm sure I went overboard in trying not to appear "needy" at times, but like the article says - it's gets tiresome sometimes. I welcome cooked dinner from my husband, income from his job, a decision made about our children, a door opened, his driving during vacations, etc. Guess we all have to go through things; meaning, someone can't just tell us how to be - we have to grow to get there.

And what's wrong with you! Why are you aching? You're young! I know you've probably mentioned it, but my senior status made me forget. Seriously, I wish you well in feeling better and maintaining it.

The Bipolar Diva said...

cleansing....oh how I'm avoiding it! Come facebook stalk me!