Just Two Chicks!

Just Two Chicks!


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Yesterday... today

I flew around the house, as busy as a worker bee. I cleaned, I did laundry, I worked out, I cooked. I read blogs, I read some of my book, I toted kids from here to there. It was great. I even took some pictures for my blog:

This is the baby I posted a picture of yesterday. I thought it would be nice to post one of her not moving :)
This is the baby that is always attempting to crawl under my elliptical when I'm using it. This was my solution to the problem. I put him on one of our tall game table chairs while I worked out. I know, he looks pitiful, but he's safe there. 

These are my newest running shoes. No, I didn't just buy them because they have lots of pink, though it is what attracted me to them. Don't they look brand new? Well, that's because it's been raining, and these things are very slippery in the rain. It's ridiculous. I won't be able to wear them for any of the runs I want to do, because if I hit a puddle, I'll fall my a**.  It's too bad really, but I'm clumsy enough as it is. 

I found a new scent I absolutely LOVE from Bath and Body. Plus if you turn the jar around, the flame is pretty through the blue tinted glass. 

It was pouring rain here, though you can't really see it. My good camera is no longer working, so all I have is my iPhone. Though the zoom is better than it was on the old iPhone, it's still not as great as the one on my camera. Plus, the details are missing!! Oh well, trust me, it was a cold, rainy day yesterday! Just how I like it at times. 

My cheese drawer... don't judge. I took this just because I was darting around the kitchen making sure I had all ingredients for the meal I was going to be making for dinner, and thought, well, why NOT? The wife says I'm a cheese hoarder. Hey, no one complains when they want cheese, No one ever has to say, "We're out!" Cheese is one of the few food items in my house that isn't labeled "all natural... this and my powder creamer... you know, the kind from the good ole' days... Coffee Mate!

Today: I overslept, rushed up the stairs to wake the kids, walked right by that elliptical, thinking "maybe later," made coffee, dressed, didn't have time to have my coffee before I left :( , took the kids, was stuck in horrible traffic because it was raining again this morning (which I love), headed to Starbucks (I get my green tea from Starbucks and the wife's latte. I don't always drink coffee from here because of my stomach issues), then right back home again. I finally had my hot coffee, and a low-fat very berry bread cake thing, and haven't done anything since. I'm now sitting at my desk, trying to compose a wonderfully entertaining post... but my brain is TIRED. It must be the cold and rain, although yesterday it motivated me to be active. Today, I've got nothing.

The lovely thing about texas weather is this:

This was my view when I sat down to post 

This is my view now... 30 minutes later. NO, it didn't take me thirty minutes to do this post. I have to stop in between to throw a dog toy, find a song, look outside, check emails, etc etc... remember... ADD

It looks like today will be a beautiful day!! If it warms up, I'll take the furry babies for a walk. That can be my cardio today, because the elliptical just isn't calling out to me the way it should. 

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Anita said...

I love your baby, your shoes, your view, and expecially your cheese drawer!

Can I ever be a vegan and live without cheese? I don't think so!

I like the pictures. :)